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The Great Debate: ASK Academy’s Talking Heads

September 17, 2015


Seniors Quinton Valencia and Robert Dansro are two verbose scholars who pride themselves on their debate skills. This year, The Catalyst put them to work as ASK Academy’s first ever political commentators. Each month, they will take a hot button issue and dispute it from their opposing points of view (Dansro tends to lean toward the right, and […]

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New Scholar Says Harsh Rules Only Increase Childlike Behavior

November 5, 2013


This is in response to an opinion piece published on Monday. Go here to read the editorial by Karen Pierce. Editorial By Adrianna Martinez The recent activity at the ASK Academy has been getting out of control with the foul behavior. High schoolers have been coming to class supposedly with drugs and cigarettes. The students […]

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Senior Says Hope is Not Lost at ASK, Scholars Need to Reclaim Their School

November 5, 2013


This editorial is in response to an opinion piece published on Monday. Go here to read the editorial by Karen Pierce. Editorial By Jacob Lutz For those of you who are new to ASK, the hallways weren’t always so hectic and unfriendly. Granted, they have always been a bit cramped, but there was room for community. […]

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A Change in Course: Student’s Diagnosis Reveals the Importance of Family, Friends

August 27, 2013


Editorial By Briana Hendrix — It’s crazy how fast things can change; no one expects to be diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 17. Three months ago, the biggest upcoming event in my life was my 17th birthday, but now, it’s my approaching surgery date. My life went from one type of crazy […]

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