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ASK Alumni Joins Space Force

February 16, 2021


Jacob Lutz, who graduated from The ASK Academy in 2014, was cross-commissioned into the U.S. Space Force this month. Lutz was part of the second class to graduate from ASK, and was an academic powerhouse while in high school. He went on to have a lucrative career in the military; he attended the U.S. Airforce […]

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Senior Says Hope is Not Lost at ASK, Scholars Need to Reclaim Their School

November 5, 2013


This editorial is in response to an opinion piece published on Monday. Go here to read the editorial by Karen Pierce. Editorial By Jacob Lutz For those of you who are new to ASK, the hallways weren’t always so hectic and unfriendly. Granted, they have always been a bit cramped, but there was room for community. […]

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