James Webb Telescope: Changing Science Forever

May 24, 2022

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The James Webb Telescope is one of the largest advancements in science and technology since the Hubble Telescope. This new telescope may be able to help scientists find out how the universe started and possibly determine if the Big Bang Theory is true. 

             This telescope is said to be better than its predecessor the Hubble Telescope because it is able to see substantially further.  The expectation is that astronomers and scientists will be able to see the beginning of our universe. In approximately 3 months, astronomers will begin analyzing the data the Webb Telescope has found. 

The telescope will assist scientists in studying other galaxies and planets up close and help us look for evidence of life on other planets. This could mean the beginning of a new era in space exploration. This telescope will also allow scientists to be able to see back in history by looking at other dead stars and seeing when they exploded.

This is a massive accomplishment for science.  The telescope is about the size of 2 football fields, plus it is so large we can even view where it is on NASA’s website. They also had a fundraiser for helping support the crew working on The James Webb Telescope. If you ever wondered how the universe started or if all the theories of how we came to be are true, we may know the answers soon!

Samuel Eberhardt Writer for the ASK Catalyst 

Email: seberhardt@theaskacademy.org



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