Class of 2022’s Reflections

May 24, 2022

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The class of 2022 has been with us for a long time. They are the first ASK graduates that attended The Ask Academy from 6th grade onto 12th grade and are now graduating this May! 

From here they will move on to the next phase of their lives, have new experiences, move to new places, and meet new people. After interviewing more than 25% of the senior class and scholar Government President, Ziven Lopez, reflections on their time at Ask, there are some definite opinions shared. 

The majority of the senior scholars have been here from 6th-12th grade or 7th-12th grade and therefore have various experiences with the school. When asked about some of the events/memories from their past school years, many mentioned going on freshmen and sophomore year camping trips to the Jemez mountains where they hiked, went to a hot spring and spent the night. Other exciting events mentioned were the robotics trip to Japan, and a senior aquarium trip at the ABQ BioPark this year. 

When Ziven Lopez was asked “Do you think your time at Ask has helped you prepare for the real world,?” he stated that his engineering internship (which he obtained through the school) and other school experiences have taught him a lot about what to expect with future jobs and college. 

Other seniors said that their time at Ask has definitely prepared them for college as well. Another question asked was if project-based learning was beneficial compared to standard-based learning and the majority said that hands-on projects really helped make the learning more enjoyable.

The final questions related to how the seniors felt about leaving the school and graduating. When asked “are you excited to graduate?” almost everyone raised their hand but when asked, “Are you sad to leave?” the majority again raised their hands. It seems that this time of year is both a time of happiness and achievement but also a little bit of melancholy due to the fact that these scholars will be leaving a daily life and schedule, friends, and teachers they have known for years. However, they will now get to have new experiences and opportunities beyond high school and it seems the seniors are excited to start this new chapter of their lives. 

Charlotte Salazar – Writer/Editor for the Catalyst

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