The SUPER★ Effects of Anime on The ASK Academy

May 18, 2022

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Lain Iwakura from the anime Serial Experiments Lain.

The ASK Academy has a variety of students from different age groups, however, no matter what, one interest remains consistent throughout all grade levels: anime. Anime has been integral to ASK culture for several years and is still seen in the daily lives of scholars.

To start, school culture is the average likes, dislikes, and traditions of the student body at ASK. It is not dissimilar to cultures found in countries, like how in India before 1950 would eat at different places based on their place in the caste; different grades will sit in different areas during lunchtime. Examples such as these make up the school culture that can be found at ASK.

A large part of school culture at ASK is cosplaying anime characters and scholars, specifically Juniors, adore cosplaying as their favorite characters; knowing this, what is the most popular anime here at the school? According to a number of interviews, personal observations, and past articles the most popular anime are listed in no particular order:

  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • One Piece
  • Dragon Ball Z 
  • Danganronpa (The entire series)
  • Naruto

Meanwhile, the less popular anime that students still enjoy are the following:

  • Serial Experiments Lain
  • Fire Force
  • Made in Abyss
  • Future Diary
  • Steins;Gate

Fire Force Drawings by Ethan McMains, a Senior.

Scholars such as Kailey McCann, a junior who often does cosplay, says that, “A huge portion of my ‘fun’ activities revolve around anime.” There is a general consensus that anime has, “…impacted the way in which students do things within the school, from people cosplaying as anime characters at dances to doing projects about their favorite anime.” as stated by Patience Martinez, another junior who cosplays. 

A part of a quiz from the AP English 11 class that references Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Though, there was a time in ASK history when anime was not as loved as it currently is. In 2018 there was a minuscule effect felt by anime, not as many people during this time were into anime or as open about liking anime outside of the 8th grade classes. This is because 2018 was the last year the anime club existed. 

Anime club was a club in ASK that started around 2015 and was originally dedicated to the discussion of anime, cosplaying, etc. Eventually, the club began to show movie nights of anime such as Howl’s Moving Castle. When the anime club disbanded due to the seniors that ran the club graduating, overall interest in anime dropped as there were fewer events and people focused on anime.

The reason the anime club was able to form in 2015 was because of a culture shock caused by anime at the time. This can be seen in the Ohayou ASK: Japanese Culture Shock article was written by Rylee Felzien or in the Teacher of the Month: Peterson’s Energy Enlightens the Learning Space by Indiana Thompson, where students were stated to like writing about anime in their work and projects.

Thumbnail of Ohayou ASK: Japanese Culture Shock. 

Anime has had a profound effect on ASK culture by impacting how students act, what they wear, and their projects. Due to the effect felt by anime in not just the modern era but past generations of ASK scholars, it can be inferred that anime will continually impact the culture in our school and promote scholarly expression for years to come.

Written by Butler

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