National Poetry Month! Poem of 04/27/22 by Joshua Sandusky!

April 27, 2022

Culture, News

What is Efficiency

What is efficiency
Is it programmed or foreign?
Does it become dormant or imperceivable?

 Is it a tool or a weapon?
Who uses it, the worst of us or the incredible?
When does it pass the point from helping to destruction?

Are people afraid of it or do they not know that it’s ownable?
What is efficiency 
Is it becoming the smartest person with the tightest schedule
Or is it obtaining the knowledge of a balanced story?

Is the fight between laziness and efficiency a dual?
A dual to decide our fate, our destiny
Or a dual to analyze ourselves, to evolve our capacity of work, intelligence, and our life of social?

What is efficiency 
Is it understanding and enacting full maturity?
Has anybody been truly efficient?
And if we have, has it been the remarkable or the dissatisfactory?

 How do we determine if we are the respected or the delinquent?
Is it by our stature in society or by values of our morality?

What is efficiency 
How do we know if we have achieved this greatness?
Is it by comparing our own to that of others’ diversity
Or by creating a chart of average effectiveness?

How do we choose our path of efficiency in our serviceability?
Is efficiency the path working only towards selfishness
Or is it the path to finish the building of society?

Embedded, wielded, and un-evolveable,
Are these our delayers, our demise 
Or are they what infinitely design us?


Joshua Sandusky



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