Poem of 04/25/22 By Joshua Bautista! 

April 25, 2022

Culture, News

What is failure?

What is failure?
Does it rest in the mind?
Or in the heart?
Will it bleed?
Or will it grow?

Is failure destiny?
Is failure necessary?
Is failure inevitable?
Or is it under our control?

So I as you,
What is failure?

It is defined as “a lack of success”
Others say it is defeat or disaster.

 And where does it stem?
In guilt?
Or in fear?

We say failure is unacceptable
And that we should never give up,
Yet we never listen.

 If only we hearken,
Instead of renounce,
The world might leaves its droughts,
And grow like a sprout.

So I ask you again,
what is failure?
A device?
And what will you do when it comes knocking? Will you succumb? Or resist?

By : Jashua Bautista



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