The Event Tent: Upcoming Events For April And May

April 20, 2022

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Notice: Everything here is subject to change.

As Summer approaches, many flowers bloom at ASK.

Look out! There are many events coming your way! From charities to graduations, ASK has a lot planned these upcoming months. The end of the school year means time for many festivitiesto help students socialize and  and tests to help students reach their career goals. Here is a list of events coming our way in the near future for students and staff alike; based on three categories: Unspecific times, April, and May. 

Unspecific times:

  • In the next month or two, a Janitor’s shed and Basketball Court will start to be built between the 6th-grade building and the entry gate.
  • The second tower (the 2nd classroom building) at ASK will start being built this summer and should be finished for fall 2023. 
  • The American Hearts Association has just finished its fundraiser at ASK. Look for the results!
  • Note: These will cause traffic issues with pickup, however, drop-off should still be fine.


  • Yearbooks passed out- No later than April 24.
  • Poetry submissions to room 212, Entire the month of April.
  • Prom Tickets are $20 in Ms. Mary Lou’s office- from now through April 30, $25 at the door.
  • Middle school MSSA tests- April 4-7.
  • Middle school game night- April 7, 6:30pm- 8pm.
  • Parent support committee meeting- April 8th.
  • Anti Sexual Harassment and Domestic Abuse Fundraiser- April 11-29.
  • NM-ASR for 8th and 11th-grade scholars- April 14.
  • Governance Board Meeting- April 14th.
  • No tutoring- April 15.
  • Leadership Team – Strategic planning and development of a survey- April 19.
  • SAT: 11th Grade scholars only, Remote and asynchronous work for all others- April 19.
  • Last day to purchase yearbooks for $44.16 without paying a  shipping fee- April 25.
  • Evacuation drill- April 26th.
  • Denim Day for Survivors of Sexual Harassment and Domestic Abuse- April 27.
  • Prom at Explora Science Museum- April 30, 8pm- 11pm.
  • Sports Festival- End of April.


  • iMSSA testing for middle school- May 2-5.
  • Blood Drive- May 5, 11:30- 4:30
  • AP testing for high school – May 2-6, Optional.
  • Model UN – Council of International Relations simulation on campus- May 6.
  • AP testing for high school – May 9-12, Optional.
  • Governance Board Meeting- May 12.
  • Last day of class for Graduating Seniors- May 12.
  • Parent Support Committee meeting- May 13.
  • Senior Finals- May 16 to May 18.
  • Senior Make-up day- May 19.
  • Last day on campus for  Graduating Seniors – May 19.
  • Graduation at The National Hispanic Cultural Center- May 27.

Make sure to add these activities to your calendar. Who knows, maybe you found something that gets you excited? Other events may be added in the future. Look out for those! Have Fun!

By Chandler Crandall, a High School Scholar at ASK



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