ASK Facts 3: Masses of Classes

April 20, 2022

ASK Facts, Briefs

Throughout the years, many parts of the ASK Academy have changed. This includes the schedule, which has changed. It is currently unknown why, and when it was changed. What was the old schedule, and how has it changed?

Did You Know…

Originally electives were completely different! The founders; Paul Stevenson, Daniel Barbor, and Edgar Short planned that middle school scholars would choose electives in a similar way to high school. once they joined ASK! This was intended to provide more electives for middle school-level scholars. Now, only high school scholars choose electives. Another strange plan was to have both Engineering and Biomed career pathways as electives; therefore, completely optional. This ties in with the old bell schedule.

The old bell schedule contrasts the current bell schedule in several ways. FC/CP was originally called “Team”. This was not the only change b because classes were initially meant to be shorter. An eighth period was added to fill the gap, adding another elective opportunity. In addition, there were plenty of long-term changes to the yearly schedule as listed below.

The ASK Academy was originally planned to have longer breaks, with a year-round schedule. Spring and fall break was originally scheduled to be two weeks long.  Winter break was three weeks, but summer vacation only had five weeks. This scheduling model resulted in one hundred and eighty-six days of school per year or six more than the modern average at the time of the ASK Academy’s Charter.

There was an average of ten weeks per quarter, or four more weeks per year as a result of the number of days per quarter. The first quarter consisted of 49 days, the second quarter was 49 days, the third quarter was 55 days, and the fourth quarter was 45 days. To suit ASK’s expansion and scholar needs such as running out of time for labs and projects in class, the schedule may alter between school years. It is important to understand how they might change, so we can be prepared for the future.

By Chandler Feyd Crandall: A High Schooler at the ASK Academy



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