ASK Facts 2: Salary Changes

April 20, 2022

ASK Facts, Briefs

Many employees who are on a salary, have an unchanging scheduled payroll schedule, generally on a monthly or weekly basis. Salaries play an important role in life and help people sustain a living to keep the economy in a healthy position. Similar to the schedule, salaries have changed for teachers at the ASK Academy throughout the years, but how so?

Did You Know…

The starting salary was substantially lower than it is today. To make up for this in the new plan, the raises are less drastic. One difference to consider is that the new plan only covers up to 17 years of experience, while the proposed one goes up to 26. 

Proposed salary compared to Modern salary

The proposed schedule was also missing levels three, while the new one includes it. Levels are like promotions and are similar to ranks. After a certain number of years, they get promoted to a higher level, with more years of teaching available on the chart.

Higher rank proposed salary charts

Another thought is that the salary has increased overall as there are more levels with more frequent raises. The original high was $59,000, the new high being in the $70,000s. This allows teachers to have more funds to buy resources for their classrooms, allowing for a better learning environment.

Salary Chart with multiple ranks compared to the modern one(lower table is the modern one, upper table is the older one)

By Chandler Feyd Crandall, a High School Scholar at the ASK Academy



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