National Poetry Month! Poem of 04/12/22 by Mateo Gomez

April 12, 2022

Culture, News

It all Flows Through Me

Earthquakes shake, rock the world to its core

Perspective shatters, what you once thought is no more

An old sore, festering and bubbling on your surface

Pores leak and splatter, dark matter

Shining through, you get a glimpse of your purpose

The raw flesh split down to the bone

Structure of your life, sturdy as they come

And this bark makes you one,


Desires from your source burn through,

Are born through the canals and trenches of your past,

Woven into your back, and take root in your spine

Rips through the seams of your mind, and takes control of how you act

Leaving you endlessly blind, not control, it’s steering your life

Is it something divine, or perfectly 


I made it mom, I really did

I messed up a lot along the way, common sin

But in grade school when I told you I’d be a scientist or an author,

The reassuring grin I received was the fuel for my dreams

An offer,

Of the world before me, mine for the taking 

I never wanted to rule the world or be king,

I just wanted a machine in my house that spit jellybeans,

And a garden for you mom,

One of endless green, pink trees, and happy buzzing bees,

A life of sweet ease for the whole family,

And the endless blue sky

The thought gifts teats to my eyes

Because I’ve become selfish mom

Hunkered in my own mind

Picking at it to see what I find

And I’ve found that I want to leave

I want change

I want to experience the rain

So I’ll walk out from under the umbrella, 

Let the raindrops numb my skin

And live to find out what it is to be



Mateo Gomez

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