National Poetry Month! Poem of 04/07/22

April 7, 2022

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The concept of time is endlessly vague

You wake up one day you’re nine

And the next you’re 18

All the while you’re struggling to find and pin down what you want from life 

Recess, sprawled out on the grass

The only blemish on the sky is the puffiest cloud

Both 18 and nine

Both at once

And neither 

The scent of earth and green grass fill the air

Jagged flimsy blades poke into your back

Most folding under the weight of your person

Under the weight of the world

Hold strong and don’t fold

Be kind, don’t be cold

Keep growing, you’re better than that

Your future lies in your lap

Mixed with the grass ripped from the soil

Child of the earth

Don’t be so down

We all make mistakes, we’re tuning for better sound

So pull your head from the clouds, and ground it for now

It’ll drift eventually, but try to keep it bound

Chain it to your thesis

Your existence

Find power in life

And live with the burden

Isn’t this great?

I could die today

Bittersweet symphonies chime

And my ears ring 

My soul is bouncing in my ears

Vibrating, humming the hymn of it all

I love it here

On this grassy knoll

Reach my hand to the sky

And let it flop to the floor

Take a nap in the plain

Consciousness fades away

And let my brain leak, just for today


Mateo Gomez

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One Comment on “National Poetry Month! Poem of 04/07/22”


    Hi Mateo, good job! Keep it up!!!

    Patricio A. Rojas, PhD. Instructor CNM-MSE Faculty senator CNM Data Analysis NMACES Adjunct Faculty UNM ________________________________


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