It’s Time for a New Holiday

March 29, 2022

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Every year on the second Sunday of February, the most popular sporting event in America, the Super Bowl, is played. Millions are in attendance or watching, however the next day is the most popular day to call in sick for work across America. This creates a problem for employers, however there could be a solution: make the Monday after the Super Bowl a Federal Holiday.

For over 50 years the Super Bowl has been played. Over time it has become the most popular sporting event in America and an unofficial holiday filled with festivities, feasting, and traditions.  It extends from the stadium to house parties to sports bars and more. In America, the Super Bowl is the second largest day in food consumption to only Thanksgiving, also the largest Pizza consumption day annually. Pizza deliveries are up 60%.

The Super Bowl has become more than just a day of football, but America’s day. For the average American, this could mean going to a friend’s house or a sports bar, relaxing, watching  the events while feasting and enjoying themselves like theres no tomorrow. However, the day after, Monday, most people are expected back at work. Millions struggle to recover from the revelry and call in sick unplanned. Due to this, many have questioned why the day after is not already reserved to recover from one of the biggest days in America.

On average, 17 million people call in sick unplanned the day after the big game which is approximately one sixth of the American workforce. This is in addition to the 8 million people who intentionally schedule the day off beforehand.  Within the United States there is a loss of 4 billion dollars in productivity in one day.

According to multiple surveys about the Monday after the Super Bowl, around half of those surveyed want the day to be a federal holiday. Another 40 percent would be willing to work on Presidents Day, Martin Luther King’s birthday, or Columbus Day instead of the day after the NFL Championship.

The only problem is, it’s not easy to create a federal holiday. In the United States, Congress holds the power to establish federal holidays. Only 12 Federal holidays have been established by Congress, all those holidays have deeper origins behind them than just being the day after a football game, which is how the Monday after the Super Bowl is viewed by Congress.

In conclusion, it’s time for a change. Americans work hard and deserve a day off, especially when before it is one of the biggest days of the year in America. Super Bowl celebrations will increase, unplanned sick days on the day after will also increase and more money will be lost every year we don’t make the Monday after the Super Bowl a federal holiday.

By Ben Spradlin, Writer for the ASK Catalyst. 


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