October 25, 2021

Briefs, Career Pathways, News

By: Charlotte Salazar

      When ASK Scholars reach high school, they choose between two career pathways, Engineering and Biomedical Sciences (Biomed), which will determine classes taken throughout their 4 years of high school and possibly get them set up for a career in that field in the future. 

         But how do they decide what they like? 11th grader Cyrus Harrison, an Engineering scholar, says “ You should really just do what you’re drawn to and interest’s you, so figure out what happens in both and decide what you like”. If a scholar is more drawn towards learning about the human body, the environment, and/or physical, mental health, and/or medicine then Biomed might be for them. If a scholar gravitates towards more hands-on projects, architecture or construction, and computer science, then engineering might be more their cup of tea. 

     Where will these pathways lead? There are many jobs involving these fields, for instance, a few engineering careers are Architects, computer programmers/designers, environmental engineers, and some Biomed careers are Medical writers, Biomedical researchers, and forensic technicians. But there are many careers that are actually a mix of both engineering and Biomed, for example, Biomedical engineers who develop and innovate products for human health.  

The class options for each pathway are… 


*Principle of Biomedical Science And Human Body Systems. 

*Anatomy And Physiology 

*Genetics (2019, 2021, 2023)

* Microbiology  (2019,2021,2023)

*Pathophysiology Of Veterinary Sciences (2020,2022,2024)

* Possible Biomedical internship off Ask campus (11th-12th)


*Intro to Engineering  Design I And II 

*Intro To 3D Design/CAD A/B 

*Principles Of Engineering I And II 

*Aerospace Engineering I And II (2019,2021,2023)

*AP Computer Science Principles 

*Digital Electronics I And II (2018,2020,2022)

*Possible Engineering and design internship on Ask Campus (11th-12th) 

  See The Ask Academy website in course description/ syllabus  for more information

  • Charlotte Salazar (Csalazar@theaskacademy.org), 9th grader and writer for the Ask Academy Catalyst 
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