The ASK Academy is Getting a New Building

October 21, 2021


A few weeks ago ASK Academy installed shade above the lunch tables to help with simple comfort for the shcolars who eat outdoors. The school worked with the Rachel Matthew Development to construct the shades and another upcoming project.

Ourschool has been buzzing around the idea of expanding the building and adding new features. The building will have ten new classrooms, a gymnasium, and a basketball court. The Chief of Operations (COO) of the school, Connie Dove Castilleja, is leading this project forward. 

Ideas have been going around the administration for the last few years but only recently have we been seeing significant progress. We are in the early stages of drafting and budgeting. After all this time we are still in such an early stage of development due primarily to funding. Recently interest rates have gone down and the school is trying to capitalize on it. This will allow the school to take out a larger loan for the project without having to pay as much over time when paying it back. This is very useful considering the estimated cost of the construction will be around 7 or 8 million dollars.

To further increase the funds for present and future projects the school is planning on increasing enrollment. With this and new funds we can see the school expanding in both population and features.

Some may think that this isn’t a big deal because we already have compromises to most of the issues the new building will be aiming to resolve. Consider the following, this school will carry on as the years go by. 

We will continue to grow in population and the circumstances that we are put under will always be different. Maybe we won’t be able to use the Boys and Girls Club anymore. Maybe we’ll have so many teachers that even switching around classes will be difficult to achieve regularly. 

The new building represents new opportunities to grow and not be afraid of our systems being too weak to hold us up.The progression will help not only the current scholars but also the people who enroll after.

Ian Valenzuela | ASK Catalyst Writer


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