Recovering From Hurricane Ida

October 21, 2021


By: Gavin Lujan

It has been a month since Hurricane Ida made landfall on August 30th, 2021 on the Louisiana coast. Homes were flooded, communities destroyed, and streets trashed, with around a million Louisiana residents that lost electricity. There is an ongoing effort to recover and rebuild what was lost to the storm.

The initial impact of Ida had left the suburbs of New Orleans flooded, despite the strengthening of floodwalls and levees after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Some homes sustained minor damage, while others lay in ruin down to their foundations. 

Meanwhile around 5,200 power transformers had failed, along with multiple spans of wires collapsing, leaving about a million Louisiana residents without electricity. As it stands, there are still some residents unsure on when the power will be back.

Residents have made efforts to recover. After the storm had passed people could be seen on boats, going to houses to check for survivors. These people are referred to as the “Cajun Navy,” who are a loosely organized group of fisherman and boat-owners who assist in the aftermath of floods.

Those that have been left without a home take shelter in their cars, in the houses of neighbors, or at local shelters. All across Louisiana crews can be seen repairing downed power lines. Food banks have also been opened for those who need it.

Ian Velazquez, a resident of Galliano, Louisiana commented on the circumstances, “Everything is like over and over and over. You got people stressing.” Clair McGowan, another resident, stated “We was out of water for two or three days, so we had to get water out of the bayou. My husband and I went with an ice chest, in order for my kids to use the bathroom. We have to do what we have to do.”

Even though there is still work to be done, there is hope for these communities. Only time will tell how the storm impacted the region.

About Gavin Lujan

Gavin Lujan is a journalistic writer who specializes in national, and local events for the Catalyst newspaper.

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