Raids on Grades! What did online school do with your GPAs?

October 21, 2021


By Chandler Feyd Crandall, High schooler at the Ask Academy

What is happening?

      Recently, more than one pandemic has been going around; No, not COVID, it’s online learning! Last year, scholars attended online school for the majority of the year. COVID has caused some schools to be forced to do online learning. Some had a hard time with it, others just found it too easy, why is this?

 How Students Feel

        Many agreed online success was affected by environment and skillsets. Due to recent interviews, home environments could also be a huge factor in this.

    We may not think about this in our day-to-day lives, but the fact is not everyone has the same living conditions. When asking about why Kaila Epps (A high school scholar) had bad grades, they said that it had to do with living conditions. They said it was too distracting at home and hard to concentrate there.

After interviewing two Scholars (Ben Spradlin, and Kaila Epps), they said they both had problems with distraction. However, there could be more factors. According to some sources, students who have less money are more likely to flunk school online, than in person. This is because they don’t really have enough money or time to work online. Internet and computers can cost a lot of money, and the computers may have bad internet.

Despite having different experiences, scholars prefer in-person learning. This is because they both had similar experiences, despite their grades.

    Something they had in common was they both found time management hard. During COVID, there was a problem with procrastination. This is because, during the pandemic, Scholars were more on their own for most assignments, causing people to procrastinate, and have an overload of work.

   Many people have their own learning styles. Some prefer hands-on, while others prefer digital concepts. According to the NCBI, studies were shown to have a similar trend: some people increased study time, while others decreased. 


“The changes during COVID happened way too fast, it felt like I couldn’t keep up.”- Kaila Epps, High school Scholar at the ASK Academy

“The assignments were so easy, it felt like I was not learning anything.”- Ben Spradlin, a High school Scholar at The ASK Academy.

“Students spring 2020 term was higher than expected”- Ithaka 

“…75% of registered California voters, including parents, say that distance learning is worse than in class instruction.”-Edsource

Sources (Bibliography): n/641615


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