Covid at ASK

October 21, 2021

Briefs, Covid-19 adjustments, News

By: Owen Chavez

Students benefit greatly from in person learning and returning to school has been nice for us so far. In order to maintain in school learning at the ASK Academy covid needs to be as contained as possible. The NMPED (New Mexico Public Education Department) has guidelines to make returning to school as safe as possible.   

 If a person is feeling sick, staying home is suggested until you have received a negative test back. According to NMPED if you don’t get tested or the test is positive you should stay home for ten days and be 24 hours fever free in order to return. If you are already at school and have covid like symptoms go to the nurse’s office.

NMPED must be notified of all confirmed cases at this school. Staff members must also report to NMENV (New Mexico Environmental Department) within 4 hours of notification. If vaccinated you don’t need to go into isolation if you come into contact with someone who’s positive. Being vaccinated does not allow us to not wear a mask due to the new delta variant.        

 Masks must be multi layered and well fitting meaning they cover the nose and mouth completely and fit snugly against the face. If using a cloth mask they are suggested to be washed after every use. Masks are required at all times inside the building but are not required outside yet it is recommended. NMPED is also suggesting that schools have supervision over passing periods to ensure mask usage and to avoid crowding. Schools must have proper ventilation throughout the building to help reduce the number of virus particles being circulated. Let’s make this year a safe place for everyone and keep each other in school.


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