Marvel Crisis Committee at The ASK Academy

November 18, 2019


By Andrew Erickson

Last Friday in Ms. Pinks’s room, fierce debate, betrayals, and a bombing occurred between Marvel superheroes for around 3 hours. Marvel, which is a Disney owned superhero universe, was the basis of the conference. The conference was a practice for newcomers to the campus club, Model United Nations. Each delegate represented a superhero that was assigned to them. Delegates researched their characters in order to know what their positions were on both topics.

“I finally learned what Marvel was, I learned that Iron Man was pretty much the boss of all of it and that he is for the regulation act, I accidentally didn’t support them at the beginning which is kinda funny,” said Alyssa Reinchuck, a 12th-grade scholar at the ASK Academy.

Topic one was regarding the regulation of superheroes in which they are required to reveal their identities and powers. Opponents argued that the regulations were unjust and that superheroes need to not spend their time on regulation and save the world. Proponents argue that regulation is essential to protecting the rights of citizens and the safety of the community.
MARVLE debate
The debate was based around the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It gave an exiting twist to the discussion.

Topic two was on the invasion of the Skree, a race of shapeshifters that are occupying the space around Earth with a high-tech spaceship. Opponents argue that the ship may be a threat to human life and it must be contested by aggressive means in order to ensure the safety of humanity. Proponents argue that humans are not knowledgeable of the technologies and relationships of the Skree and should solve any issues diplomatically.

“The topics we were able to use provided a much more fun debate because we got to talk about the Marvel cinematic universe and apply it to Model UN,” said Junior Daniel Garcia, “I personally enjoyed the Skree invasion because it got a little chaotic and put everyone at odds with each other, which added [fuel] to the debate.”

The debate raged on for a few hours and in the beginning, things were calm and reserved but it quickly evolved into a complex set of issues with fierce debate following. Some of the debate was fun and games, however, as one scholar came up with a directive to ensure a socialist lunch program which ensured the provision of burritos, Ratatouille cooked dinner, upside-down pineapple cake, and hamburgers, known formally as directive BRUH. On the more serious side, the abolishment of the SHIELD organization was directed and accepted by the majority of the assembly. This resulted in the hate-group organization tenacious for revenge created by the Crisis Committee, ZIELD.

“It was definitely a challenge because everyone was against me so I had to figure out how to navigate while trying to solve problems,” said Junior Zanier Griego, “It was really fun because while being the bad guy isn’t necessarily good, playing the devil’s advocate is fun in a way.”

A traitor was exposed during all this commotion, one of the delegates was a Skree impersonating a superhero, feeding information to the Skree mothership to undermine the committee. This delegate was unknown to the entire committee so it was the responsibility of all the delegates to find a solution. Some proposed the involvement of vision, who can see the future. Others proposed bringing in a cat from the Marvel movie, Captain Marvel, who scares the Skree.

With the stress of passing a directive, the bombing of an unspecified location on earth was threatened by the Skree, making the need for a solution dire. The directives were slow and little progress was made. The council was informed that another traitor was in their midst, making matters only worse. Soon afterward, it was revealed that Black Panther was one of the traitors, working behind the back of directive writers and distracting them the entire time. Before any directive could be passed in time, China was bombed and the council ran out of debate time. The debate was suspended in order to save the world, so the superheroes departed in order to help people in need.

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One Comment on “Marvel Crisis Committee at The ASK Academy”

  1. Reva Keintz Says:

    Spoiler: Batman dies during the Sokovia Accords


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