Middle school and High School Scholars Opinions on Electives

October 8, 2019


Electives at ASK also include PE and Health

By: Alize Cloe-Puepke

A  variety of scholars who attend The Ask Academy have mixed emotions on the elective choices that are available. Some middle school and high school scholars feel like the electives at ASK are either too limited, while some believe they are appropriate for the kind of school that ASK is.

“I love that we get to choose between art and photography,” said eighth-grader Viktoria Bucholtz. “I love that in high school you can choose what path you can go down.” 

Throughout the middle school population, the scholars explain how they are fond of their electives and how they can choose either the biomedical or engineering field once they get to high school. They also enjoy the fact that they get to take both pathways to figure out what it is they like or dislike. Not only do scholars appreciate that they can pick their pathway, but they enjoy their electives such as computers and photography; although some people wish to ASK had more, or be allowed to retake certain required electives.

“I think we should add PE, for kids who like being active rather than them having to choose art or publishing; some people like being active, rather than them having to sit down and do one specific thing,” said Bucholtz.

Even though most middle school scholars enjoy the electives that they have, some still wish ASK had more clubs and sports teams. “If the school were to get a band or choir, I don’t think they would make it an elective they would probably make it a club,” said seventh-grader Reece Kinsey, “I would like if we had sports like basketball or football because, in my opinion, a robotics team is way more expensive than a sports team. I’m not sure if it would be after school but at least it’s something,”

 Moving upstairs to the high school population, many wish that they could have taken more electives throughout their high school career. Many scholars believe that we should have more resources and “life skills type classes, such as finance, or a class that explains how to buy a house and do taxes. 

“ I think we should add things that are actually going to help us in our future and careers. The elective choices, I feel that they really don’t educate us,” said 11th grader  Lupita Guzman.

Some scholars believe that if ASK added band, choir or drama-type classes it would make ASK Academy more like a public school and less like a charter school in the sense that it will be less STEM-focused.

“I don’t think that the elective choices define what makes a school a public school or not. I think that it depends on the crowd and how the school is taught, not the electives,” said Hays.

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