Camping Trip 2019

October 2, 2019


By Olli Martens-Oritz


Last month, scholars came back from the ASK Academy’s 8th annual freshman and sophomore camping trip, organized by project manager Krista Pink. Pink leads this camping trip, because of it being the most important time for new scholars, old scholars, new managers, and old, to learn more about each other and the school. 

“My first experience was at Chaco Canyon.” Pink said, “I didn’t know the project managers really well, didn’t know any of the kids really well.”

Many of the new, eligible scholars are encouraged to participate in this trip. This invitation doesn’t only go out to the freshman and sophomores; many of the newer teachers are encouraged to go, so that they can learn more about their scholars and colleagues. 

Photo by Olli Martens-Ortiz ASK students gathered around a fire as they settle in to their camp.

Ian Valenzuela, a sophomore at The ASK Academy, has gone on the camping trip for two years now. The first year, he was skeptical about it being fun. But after attending the trip,  he has a different opinion. 

“You might think you’ll hate it at first, but you have so much freedom–it’s essentially just messing around in the woods with 30 other kids,” Valenzuela said. 

For Athena Johnson, a freshman at The ASK Academy, this was her first year going on the trip.

“I would go again. I recommend others to go because it was just a really fun way to hang out with your friends and have a chance to be outside in nature,” she said. 

Johnson said she doesn’t really like camping, so she was slightly worried that she wouldn’t enjoy it. But she said that it was surprisingly fun.


“Even though someone might not like being out in the forest, it’s still a lot of fun,”she said. 

Pink said it is a lot of work planning the trip, but it’s worth it. She said she knows she can relax and enjoy all the hard work the moment the she and the rest of the chaperones leave campus in their rented suburbans packed with scholars. 

“When I really am excited is when I’m finally in my, my giant, brand new suburban, full of chatter and sun and excitement,” Pink said.

On Valenzuela’s ride up to the campground, the manager driving his car played ‘80s songs. Many managers play either their own song preferences, or the scholars hook up their phones via bluetooth, Johnson said the ride up to the Jemez was peaceful and provided beautiful scenery.

Valenzuela said his favorite part of the trip was star-gazing, the campfire, and lARPING (life action role play). Gage Toepper, a sophomore, said his favorite part was hanging around with his friends. 

“Larping was surprisingly fun. I was fully ready for nerdy stuff, but it was actually fun,” he said.

Others agree that larping, which was sponsored by Coach Corky Morales, who brought up three bags of costumes and homemade toy weapons, was the hit of the trip.  

“I loved larping, it was one of the best parts of the trip. It was really fun messing around with the weapons and absolutely destroying my friends,” Johnson said. 

More photos of the camping trip can be found on The Catalyst’s Instagram @askcatalyst.



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