New High School Managers Thriving at ASK

September 27, 2018


ASK catalyst pic

Photo by Brandon Miller — Landrick Brody, one of the new project managers at The ASK Academy, grades papers for his PE and health class.

By Kyana Rojas and Brandon Miller

The ASK Academy has had its fair share of new Project Managers; in the 2018-2019 school year, ASK hired seven new managers that are going to help teach and shape the scholars who attend. Sadly, scholars had to say goodbye to beloved teachers such as Mr. Crawford, Mr. Gullett, Mr. Hostetler and more, but the new crop of managers fit right in. 

Bahador Mousavi is ASK’s new Calculus, Pre-Calc and Geometry manager. He said he has always loved math and teenagers, because they remind him of a time when he was that age and they keep him young. He has taught at Rio Rancho High School as well as another charter school called MAS. Mousavi says he enjoys ASK  for a number of reasons.

“Dedication of one weekday for tutoring or makeup work affects the educational efficiency dramatically,” he said. “In this Academy, scholars are able to simulate what is going to happen for them in university or work atmosphere. Also, managers have the freedom to use their creativity for their lesson plans, and all of these items made here a healthy and productive learning atmosphere.”

Mousavi said that his first month at ASK has been was great.  “Every day I learned one thing new; I do not feel that I am a stranger here,” he said. He has already formed relationships with scholars and said that the bond between managers and administration is phenomenal.

Lisa Flores, the new Physics and Integrated Sciences manager, has spent some of her career at other New Mexico schools but considers ASK to be a different STEM school. She is attracted to the opportunity that scholars get to choose between a biomedical or engineering track and sometimes even both, as well as the high standards that give scholars the opportunity to learn more. In addition, she thinks that by using the terms “managers” and “scholars” is something that changes the way scholars learn.

“This school reinforces a philosophy of self-directed and project-based learning. I believe teaching can help students make positive impacts in their lives and their communities,” she said.

Patricio Rojas, a professional soccer player at one time, now teachers Algebra 1. Before ASK, he taught at three other schools, but what caught his attention and inspired him about the ASK Academy was the good reputation that the scholar’s at ASK withheld. He thinks that this school is a better learning environment. “The ASK Academy is better than most schools I know in New Mexico,” he said. His first month was wild with experiences. “A refresher teaching young people,” he explained.

Dain Forsythe, ASK’s  English 9, 10 and honors teacher,  has been a  musician for the past 20 years. He plays the Irish flute, whistle and Bodhran, an Irish drum. He said he performs several times a month throughout the city during his freetime.  Forsythe considers ASK to have a certain academic tone and loves that Fridays have been set aside to support and assist the scholars who may need more specific instruction. “I think the higher standards show a confidence in the scholars and a long-term expectation of professionalism at the ASK Academy,” he said.

Landrick Brody was a high school football coach for three years, as well as a coach for other teens and adults for ten years. this is his first year teaching is here at ASK. Brody feels that it’s the people at ASK that sets this academy apart. After two months of working Brody has had some form of communication with all other managers.

It’s very encouraging as a newbie to know that there is that type of support,” he said. Brody admires the accountability and responsibility that sets higher standards for scholars. “The manager, scholar terms are another area I think sets ASK apart. I think these terms give both parts more accountability and responsibility to set standards higher.” Brody further explained “My first month here was a blast, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to begin my teaching experience,” he said. 

These teachers are a welcome addition to The ASK Academy and the student body is excited to see what they will bring to the school.

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