Senior: Manager Your Time, Set Your Goals Early, and Leave the Distractions outside of Class

May 7, 2018


As the seniors finish up their high school career this Thursday, they have written letters of advice and reflection of their time here. 

I dedicate this letter specifically to incoming freshman at the ASK Academy, as well as any students whom this may benefit. There are many different brands of advice that, while they have their own good points seem to focus on relaxation and not stressing out. To be realistic, you will experience stress. I cannot tell you not to stress as you will regardless. The key is to be prepared for stress and realize that these four years will be difficult but worth it.

For all the stress you have, you must find a fair outlet for it. Whether you utilize your stress to get work done early or to jumpstart your mind in preparation for an upcoming event, or if you instead relieve your stress via entertainment and friendship, there is always a good outlet available. Your only task is to find out which one works for you and stick with it.

There are, however, more aspects to high school than just stress management. Some important areas to focus your attention are: developing social skills, maturing, passing classes, and preparing for college. To cover them in order, I will discuss social skills first.

For those of you who may have been homeschooled, or to those of you who are just socially challenged, you want to understand how to develop relationships and how to treat your fellow man through trial and error. Overall, you just want to make friends and learn how to keep them.

As far as maturing, leave the inappropriate jokes and being overly disruptive during class back in middle school. While you and your friends can act however you want, recognize that during class people generally want to learn and do their work, and you should attempt to do the same without being disruptive in the class.

Passing classses is expected in high school. The first thing you should do when you schedule a class is determine what grade you want in the class. The best way to obtain this goal is to achieve an acceptable result while utilizing as little effort as possible to do so. Just do your work and try your best, within a reasonable degree as you still want some sort of life to enjoy; don’t spend 24-7 studying because you’ll just wear yourself out.

Your final goal of high school should be to prepare for high school. Most high school scholars make the incredible mistake of not thinking or preparing for college until senior year. What you want to do is start with narrowing your options in junior year and finalizing your opinion and focusing on scholarships in your senior year.

Overall, you just want to find good ways to relieve stress and good outlets for fun, outside of disrupting class. Have fun, join clubs, and enjoy your childhood while it lasts. These four years can be great if you allow yourself to enjoy them, and regardless of what problems you may deal with, you can always go up and get better. High school is not the end, and it is certainly not the worst, or best that it gets in life.

Taylor Lum


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