Senior: High School Chewed Me Up and Spit Me Out–I am better Because of It

May 7, 2018


As the seniors finish up their high school career this Thursday, they have written letters of advice and reflection of their time here. 

Dear Underclassmen,

High school–a time most sought after those middle school years of endless teasing and countless hours of awful jokes that made zero sense. A time in which you start to find your footing in life, a time of new beginnings. Yet when it begins, you start wishing that the time would go by faster. Mounds of homework pile up and stress levels reach an all-time high, projects that take hours to complete are left to be half finished. Numerous times of trying to negotiate with a teacher to offer extra credit due to a low grade and a possibility of failing; I’ve seen it all. Freshman come in expecting a fresh new start and four years later, they’re dying to get released to the real world.

However, even then, they don’t know the real world. There’s so many possibilities that might happen during that time which are uncertain, something similar to the beginning of high school. When I first started high school, I never expected what would come out of it. I was faced with a new environment, new faces and I didn’t cope well; I slacked off my freshman year. I barely passed two of my classes with a C. I was an average A-B student during middle school, so what exactly happened? I can say, it was because I fell into the rhythm of ‘I can do this later’, or ‘I can turn this in late because it shouldn’t hurt me as much’; I became lost.

High school chewed me up and spit me out. It devastated my GPA that unfortunately is still affecting my unweighted GPA on my transcripts. My mistake cost me a lot that year, so during my sophomore year, I turned it around. I had mostly A’s, a couple of B’s and one C at a CNM duel Enrollment class. I maintained nine classes my second semester and it was a lot to handle.

Junior year came and went, and my first semester began to look like my freshman year and again; my GPA fell hard. I turned it back around during my second semester and currently in my senior year, I’ve maintained all A’s for my first semester and possibly my second semester. For the first time in high school, I felt accomplished because I was finally finding my way during the end of it.

Now I know the expectations of high school and the consequences that you can get yourself into that are hard to get out of. Life comes out of nowhere and you don’t know what to do, it’s a scary thought. I’ve reached the point in my senior year where I wished time would slow down, where I could reverse and fix my mistakes that I made but I know, life doesn’t work like that.

For those that think high school is a joke and goof around, life is going to come back and nip at you and trust me, it’s hard to get out of. Deadlines are made for a reason, projects are made to help us learn, not to half way do it and say,“I’m done.” If anything, I ask you guys to put effort into what you do, and make good decisions from the start because they matter all four years. One stupid mistake and you’ll fall behind. The thought process of “I might not be able to graduate with my class,” is hard to swallow. You’ve known these people for a long time and you’ll let a grade or a project get in the way of it. To me, the lesson has been learned but if I had a choice, I would go back and save myself from that predicament.

Don’t make your junior and senior years be the hardest and most stressful by trying to make up for past mistakes. High school isn’t all that, but you can make it a pleasant experience if you’re willing to put in the work. With work, comes time and for high school, you’ll want all the time in the world to see it through.

Hannah Worker 



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