Tribute to Bailey Bee–ASK’s Emotional Support

May 4, 2018

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Bailey Bee Smith was born in October of 2007 and came to live with us Christmas day when Santa left her on our porch.  She was a sweet and gentle dog who was full of love for everyone.

Here are a few of her favorite things:
Carrying around socks
Destroying new toys until the squeaker was out
Bringing her toys to show you
Chasing the squirrels when they came out from under the shed
Eating lunch on the porch with the ASK high school scholars
“Cleaning up” the dirt area after lunch at ASK
Playing tug of war with Isaac
Her dog house built by Dylan and Ian
Cleaning up the floor in Mr. Montoya’s classroom
Carrots and treats brought by several Project Managers
Being a star character in Franklin’s video game
Being photographed by all the photography scholars
Belly rubs by all
Bailey developed a disease called Hemangiosarcoma. It is a cancer where the tumors can rupture causing the dog to bleed internally. She became very sick on Monday, April 23rd and we had to make the very sad decision to euthanize her.  She blessed us with her love for 10 years and I’m beyond thankful to the ASK Academy for allowing me to bring her. I’m also thankful to the ASK community for all the belly rubs, toys, treats and love that you gave her.  Try not to be sad, she is happy and free and carrying around angel socks now.
Thanks for all the love,
Ms. Smith


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