Unopposed Seat May Point to Student Apathy


Political Cartoon by Michal Zaza


By Jaclyn Ritter

The Vice Presidency at ASK had an odd ballot this year; there is only one candidate.

Some scholars blamed the ASK scholar government for not publicizing the election more, while others stated that scholars do not care enough to run. 10th grader Amber Romero said ,“No one else wanted to run,” which left the one candidate, soppomore Lauren Gallegos, running unopposed.

Some scholars said this is an apparent pattern–that students only hear about student government when it is holding elections.   Sophomore Andres Rojas said, “Not many of us (scholars at ASK) see scholar government in action.”

Sophomore Nic Montano said it is hard for people to see what changes the government makes, “I don’t notice what they do, but they do something.”

Some scholars wished they knew about the elections beforehand, so that they could participate, but they feel it is too late to join now. “If I knew, I would have ran,” stated Montano.

Current president Ryan Medina  said that the student body did know about the elections and the option to run for viec. Emails were sent out, along with posts on Instagram begining on April 13.

While anyone can run for president, the vice president position is only open to scholars who are in scholar government, and only Gallegos stepped up to run.



Voting for all positions ended yesterday at 4 p.m. Follow Scholar Government’s Instagram page at @ask_gov for updates and info.

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