Candidates Vie for Presidential Position

April 28, 2018



Story by Galicia Monforte | Catalyst video by Jadah Stansfield and Gavin Vialpando


Election Day is coming up and scholars will get a chance to practice their right to vote for the 2018- 2019 Scholar Government President. The candidates running for president are Matthew Gardiner, Naudia Lane, and Nathan Maass.

Each candidate had a chance to sit down and explain why the student body should vote them into office. Matthew Gardiner, who is vice president of scholar government this year, explained his plan of action if he wins next year. He wants to improve scholar and manager relationships, and if elected would meet with Mr. Busse once a month to balance the opinions of scholars and the General Manager.

He said he intends to “prevent the public school idea and the black and white policies coming to this school.”

Gardiner also said he wants to continue the monthly ASK activities to improve ASK attitude and to also talk with other clubs to combine fundraisers to improve the outcome and profit for both clubs.

Finally, when asked about what the word “leader” means to him, Gardiner said the following: 

“I intend to be a servant leader; being out in the front, getting my hands dirty to make a change in this school. Someone who listens to the others voices and take what they have to say and act upon it.”

Naudia Lane, who has not been a part of scholar government, decided to run for office when she realized that something had to change after going to this year’s Talent Show.

“I went to the Talent Show, and I realized it was not set up that well. And something that is scholar-run should be run well; I want to do something to help improve these events.”

Lane has been a scholar at ASK since middle school, and said she attends almost every ASK activity and event. She said through the years she has seen what works well and what can be improved. Some of her ideas are changing game night to two nights (one for middle school and one for high school), making the talent show more organized, and improving this activity for the proud parents coming to see their children perform.

Lane said that she did not see any improvement this year with scholar government,  and while she doesn’t have much experience, she promises she will do everything she can to make sure that scholars are proud of their government.

 “A leader is someone who helps others do what they want to do. They help them become the best that they want to be,” Lane said. 

The final candidate, Nathan Maass, is an ASK scholar who is studying abroad this year.  He decided to run for president because he said he doesn’t want want to just sit back and complain about things not getting done; he want to take on the responsibility and fix it himself. He plans to listen to the concerns of scholars, manager and parents.

“I have a great relationship with many of the scholars and I also have very good relations with the managers,” he said. 

Maass plans to show the student body his definition of a leader.

“There are two types of leaders; the ones who lead by convincing the masses and turning people over to new ideas through argument and debate, then there are leaders who follow their own path and lead by setting good and moral examples. I think I use a mix of both ways to lead. I always try to lead using arguments and with truth, but if people refuse to follow facts, logic, and evidence, then I will certainly also lead by example. The thing that both types of leaders have in common is a will to go a certain direction and they usually want to take others along with them. The followers just have to choose to follow the leaders or not.”

This Monday, scholars will pick one of these three candidates to represent the student body at The ASK Academy. 

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