Silent Thriller is a Horror Classic

April 13, 2018

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By Faustina Crum

The latest thriller to hit theaters has made anything but a quiet buzz among moviegoers. The film, A Quiet Place, was directed by and stars John Krasinski, his wife Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe. The film revolves around a family trying to live quietly among monsters that kill anything living. These creatures are blind, but hunt through sound; the slightest noise can draw them to their prey.

Every second of this film feeds off your nerves as you watch this family struggle to live in silence. The intensity piles on as we experience their family struggles and fight for survival. From the opening scene we are introduced to the intensity and threats of their reality. We are able to understand how even the slightest sound can end their road to survival. Contrary to other films that rely on a monster for the scare factor, this monster is hard to run from. As these creatures are extremely sensitive to hearing, making a noise will most likely lead to death and escape is usually not an option. Through every scene, each character is fully aware of this danger just as we are.

Rather than fully saturating the film in terror, Krasinski is able to fully display the lives of this family while giving the audience an equal amount of jumpscares. He is able to maximize the suspense of the film by revealing things to the audience rather than the characters. When the audience understands a problem that they cannot directly tell the characters how to resolve, the intensity builds higher. This aspect was played beautifully throughout the movie and worked extraordinarily well. With limited dialogue, all the characters are able to tell the story and execute it with believable emotion. Whether it be through the characters actions or tones, we are constantly aware of new problems they face and how they must fix them. Krasinski is able to show conflict quickly and resolve it quickly, throwing the audience off guard as they wonder when the suspense will end. The end of one situation causes another to begin, creating an endless wheel of suspense.  Nevertheless, the communication of the storyline from the film to audience was done almost effortlessly and with little dialogue, which is what makes Krasinski a good filmmaker.

It was also interesting to see how the characters adapted to their new lives. The movie starts 89 days after the creatures had taken over. With it being further into the timeline, we see a family that has constructed a system, making it easier to focus on their lives and  appreciate their characters more. If the movie was set earlier in time, the events happening in the film would become harder to accomplish while keeping the main focus on the family. This family has developed ways to communicate, create entertainment, and live their daily lives which gives a different view rather than the typical apocalyptic/ dystonian film.

In most thrillers, we watch characters make decisions that directly lead them to failure. These characters, however, are very sensible and understand the stakes and know how to prevent them. They are prepared and willing to fight if needed. Most conflicts within the film aren’t through blind mistakes of the characters, but usually come about by unfortunate circumstances. It was very exciting to watch this family work together and stay fully engaged in the situation.

With large suspenseful scenes and good technique in jumpers scares, the film was hard to look away from. It is intense from the very begin to its last second and leaves your heart pounding. This is a movie I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

This film is PG-13 (parental permission is needed to view if under the age of 13). A Quiet Place is at Premier Cinemas 14 Rio Rancho, UA Cottonwood Stadium 16, and Century Rio 24 and XD. 

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