New Film Unveils Truth Behind 2002’s Cult Classic, ‘The Room’

December 14, 2017

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By Faustina Crum

In 2002, the film world changed forever when Tommy Wiseau released his film The Room. With an endless stream of money, Wiesau made the $6 million production with friend, Greg Sestero. Both starred in the film; Wiseau as the main character, Johnny, and Sestero as Mark. They had their eyes set on winning an Academy Award, but his film was far from it.

The movie became known as one of the worst rated films in history. With terrible acting, an odd script, and inept cast, the film earned this title. However, The Room became a cult classic and is still a midnight screening favorite, as people throw spoons at the screen and laugh at iconic ridiculous scenes.

There was still many unanswered question about the making of the film: why it was made, how it was made, etc. Some questions were soon answered when Sestero published his book The Disaster Artist, which details the making of The Room, Sestero and Wiseau’s friendship, and their dream of taking the film industry by storm.

James Franco, the director and star of the film The Disaster Artist, saw this story in a different view. While others would laugh, he found their story inspirational, and created a film based around both The Room and Setero’s book. The main idea of this film is to illuminate the story of how Wiseau and Sestero took on the task of making a film when no one else would take them.

Franco’s film explores the drama behind the film, such as Wiseau’s seemingly endless stream of money, the hardships faced when questions about Wiseau’s past come up, leading Sestero to question his loyalty to his friend. Wiseau is very mysterious and keeps his past under wraps, including where his fortune is from. The Disaster Artist really breaks down the walls of Sestero and Wiseau’s past, as well as their friendship. It is filled with comedy, hardship, and dreams of two unsuspecting outsiders who make the disasterpiece, The Room.

Oddly enough this film was eye-opening, and at the very least motivating. Having seen The Room a handful of times, I am guilty of watching the film ironically, as I am sure many other viewers have. Before, I saw it as nothing but an ironic story that took the film industry by storm, and not necessarily in a good way. It was anything but an Academy Award winning production, as Wiseau had intended the film to be. Franco flipped the pages and made this cringe-worthy story into an inspirational film.

Looking at Wiseau’s film, most would laugh, but there is something truly heartfelt about the creation of the film and it’s story; this is what Franco used to his advantage when making his film shine. He really dug into the minds of Sertero and Wiseau to create a film showcasing their lives as two filmmakers with nothing to their name but an endless surplus of money. He was able to convey a story that has become somewhat endearing in film culture. We are able to see both the viewers and Wiseau’s side of the story and it is a masterpiece.

Franco is the perfect Wiseau, mastering his personality, tone and all around goofy outlook on life. The film Introduced Wiseau during a scene where he is in an acting class, which worked perfectly. We are able to see his style, his personality, his boldness, and most importantly how others perceive him; including Sestero. Fanco was mesmerizing to watch as the film progressed and not for usual reasons. He was able to bring out an unseen side of Wiseau. Since in reality The Room was not intended to be as funny as it was, Franco incorporated this into the film. We are able to empathize with Wiseau rather than just laugh at him. Sure, it has it’s spoon throwing moments and comedic references, but it does a phenomenal job in showing Wiseau’s essence. Franco’s passion for this story really brought the film together. Everything was obviously thought through, even to the point where framings in both films where perfectly matched up.   

Wiseau is one of the most mysterious figures in the film world. No one knows his back story, where he is from, the source of his fortune, and overall just him. The film was able to peel back his walls and reveal what is behind the curtain. It showed us a person who is eccentric and an outsider, almost to the point where he became a relatable figure.

Overall, The Disaster Artist is an endearing and comedic movie about two dreamers who “make it” in an unexpected way. It is truly a must see whether or not you are a fan of The Room. It truly changed my perspective on Wiseau as a filmmaker and person.

The Disaster Artist is currently premiering in theaters such as Century Rio 24 & XD and Regal Winrock Stadium 16 IMAX & RPX . The film is rated R and requires parental supervision if under the age of 17.

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  1. Daniel Busse Says:

    Very well written Faustina!


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