Manager of the Month: Wilcox Followed in Footsteps of Mother and Sister

December 13, 2017




Photo by Bobbi Jo Pennington — Scott Wilcox, new to The ASK Academy scene, loves to bring energy and enthusiasm into his classroom.


Compiled by Bobbi Jo Pennington

December’s Manager of the Month, Scott Wilcox, is new to  The ASK Academy. He has been teaching younger students since he started his career. He loves being able to teach math to the middle school scholars at The ASK Academy.

Did you expect to be Manager of the Month and how did you feel?

Being a new manager, I did not expect manager of the month, and it made me feel absolutely fantastic! It was an amazing thing to hear.

Why do you think scholars voted for you?

I think the scholars voted for me because of the high amounts of energy and enthusiasm I bring into the classroom. There may be an association with the coffee there some, but who can say.

At what point in your life did you decide to become a teacher? How did it happen?

I wanted to be a policeman or a firefighter when I was younger, but after doing my EMT training at TVI, and learning of an uncontrollable tendency to faint at the sight of disfiguring trauma, I figured I would do better in a classroom. (My EMT instructor strongly suggested I consider a new career). Since I had taught swim lessons earlier, and figured kids are way easier to work with, I followed in my mother and my sister’s footsteps, and decided to teach elementary school.

Who were the people who influenced you in your life?

I was on swim team in high school, so I would say all the kids I taught lessons to made a big impact on me. It was the coolest thing to see a kid learn how to swim, and the joy of sharing something I loved was very motivating.

What do you teach and why did you want to teach that/those subject(s)?

I teach to continue sharing things that I am passionate about. Math and science are my biggest passions academically.

What kind of student were you in Middle school?

It depends on what class I was in. In band class, I was an excellent student, well behaved. In math class, I was a comedian, and goofed off quite a bit. I think it was because I was bored. Math came very easily to me, and if I wasn’t being entertained. I had a tendency to get into trouble.

What is the hardest part about teaching middle school?

When the hand that feeds gets bitten. It’s always hard to extend a hand to help someone, and they become angry or disrespectful about furthering their academic progress and get angry or rude at a teacher trying to help them.

What do you like most about teaching?

The kids. I love teaching kids. Adults can be surly and grumpy, but not kids, they are nowhere near as disgruntled.

What makes ASK scholars different than other students?

The ASK “attitude” makes scholars try a little harder, I think.

What makes ASK different than other schools?

Friday makes ASK unique. I think it sets it apart from other schools, in that students can come in for one-on-one tutoring, that makes it nice.

What are your hobbies?

Soccer and cycling. I love riding bikes, and even started my own bike company of 8 years now.

Are you married/have kids?

I married Wonder Woman, yes. My wife is truly amazing, and we have two beautiful girls, 9 and 12 years of age.

What has been the most profound experience you have had teaching this year?Getting to sub for the high school chemistry class one day, that was truly amazing to see how the older scholars learn in a classroom environment.

What piece of advice would you give to scholars based on your knowing experience?

Work harder than you think you should or are being told to work. Going the extra mile always pays off somehow, some way.

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