Scholars Resolve to Grow in the New Year

December 12, 2017


Compiled by Hannah Worker

“Be better at waking up in the morning and weening off of Starbucks more.”- Emma Easton, 9th grade

“Get help for depression, get a cat, potentially get a girlfriend, and graduate high school.”- Chris Kanak, 12th Grade

“I hope to get the opportunity to take a course to become a soccer referee, so I can have a part-time job that pays a fair wage.”- Bijan Wright, 8th grade

“I have been dieting since the end of Thanksgiving and I plan to continue that for my resolution.” – Matthew Gardiner, 11th grade

“My new year’s resolution is to start finishing the book and stories that I write instead of moving on to the next story in my head.”- Genesis Jenkins, 8th grade

“My new year’s resolutions is to sell more of my clay charms and to save enough money for a fursuit partial.” – Olivia Maass, 8th grade

“My New Year’s resolution is to get involved with more out of school activities. This Christmas I will be taking homemade dog treats to the animal shelter and I hope to do more activities like this at more shelters.”- Amelia Hardy, 8th grade

“My New Year’s resolutions are to improve my handwriting and to learn another language. I want to improve my handwriting because people tell me they can’t read it and sometimes I can’t either. The reason I want to learn another language is that it’s useful to be multilingual plus I can annoy even more people but in another tongue.”- Noelle Hoenig, 11th grade

“My resolution is to become a more productive member of society. I don’t mean simply doing charity, but also being a role model to others. In fact, a couple of friends and I have an independent project we are currently working on regarding this in the works for next year.”- Aidan Jennings-Quattropani, 7th Grade

“My resolution is to do many things I never got to do this year. To start I would like to start to make more YouTube videos. I would like to learn to make better videos for my YouTube community.”- Gage Toepper, 8th grade

“Not calling my dog a mouse anymore.” – Alan Jaffe, 10th grade

“That I should stop being fat and earn my calories. Also not procrastinating on work and make sure I do my assignments.”- Micah Brodie, 11th grade

“To join more clubs, and to get involved in more things in and out of this school.”- Livia Depoy, 8th grade

“To learn how to drive stick.”- Kaleb Sanchez, 8th grade

“My New Year’s Resolution is to not have one so I don’t fail.”- Chrisanna Lane, Staff

“My New Year’s Resolution is to get a job at After Hours Pediatrics and keep my relationship with Matthew.” – Sydney Berzi, 12th grade

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