Despite Low Turnout on Sports Day, Scholars Still Had Fun

November 21, 2017

Culture, News

By Hannah Flory

ASK Academy recently held a “Sports Day’ where scholars could come and play dodgeball and soccer. If scholars wanted to participate they were required to form teams so they could compete in either event.

Freshman Alize Cloe-Puepke was one of about 20 scholars who showed up to the Scholar Government sponsored event, and she believes that these sport events are a good idea.

“It allows people to bond with one another and talk and get to know new people,” said Cloe-Puepke. She said the low turnout is not necessarily a bad thing, because the smaller group allowed for  people to be more comfortable talking to those around them.

She said the event should have been advertised a little more to the middle school scholars rather than just high school. “I think that few people showed up because most high schoolers don’t want anything to do with school unless they have to,” said Cloe-Puepke.

Senior Michael Allen, who participated in the dodge ball event said he wished there had been a larger turnout. “I believe that once more people are involved and there is better support from managers, events as such will most definitely be a success,”Allen said. He, like Cloe-Puepke, is indifferent about these events but still thinks others enjoyed them.

“I’m not entirely sure if there is a way to get more people to show up at the moment,” he said.

Although the turnout wasn’t great, the students that came still enjoyed themselves. Sports Days are needed at technology-based schools like ASK —  getting up and moving is good for scholars’ mental and physical health.




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