Scholars Thankful for Family, Mexican Food, Pets, and Literature

November 16, 2017

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Photo by Molly Arseneau  — NHS is sponsoring the Thankful Nest. During lunch, scholars can fill out eggs to send to people they are thankful for.

By Molly Arseneau

With November being a month of reflection on being grateful, I have a lot to be thankful for.  I am thankful that I have the chance to grow up in an equal opportunity country, where I can do and be who I want. Also, I’m thankful to have friends who go out of their way to notice that I’m upset and do whatever they can to help. Lastly, I am especially thankful for my dad, who has always pushed me and supported me to be my best. He’s the only person I can call crying at 2 a.m. and know he would answer, and for that, I am eternally grateful.  

The Catalyst spoke with other scholars at ASK Academy, and it turns out we all have a lot to be thankful for. See the diverse responses below.

“I am thankful for Mexican food.” -Andres Rojas -10th grader

“I am thankful that I can wake up another day, because we are not really promised tomorrow. ” -Gabriella Archuleta 10th grade

“I am thankful for the gift of life, not just in the normal thinking of life but in the way of being able to believe in my God without persecution, not having to worry about where my next meal is going to come from or where I am going to sleep, being able to get an excellent education at a school of my choice, and being able to celebrate every day just how wonderful my life is compared to the rest of the world.” Maddie Kersey, 11th grade

“I am thankful for my loving and caring parents who support me no matter what. Even if I don’t graduate till I’m 24.” -Justin Newton, 12th grade

“Something that I’m thankful for is actors, authors, crew members, basically anyone that makes books/TV shows/movies available. Everyone needs something to ease stress when the world gets to be too much, and fiction is my thing. Whether it’s going on a binge watching session on the weekend, or curling up with a book, I use fictional works as a way to relax. It’s not real, which is a good thing for me. It lets me get out all of the emotion that I gathered up over the week, or month, or whatever and let it out on something that doesn’t actually affect the world. And a lot of times, the people in these professions are really great people that I love getting to ‘know.” Ryan Medina, 12th grade

“I am thankful because when I first moved here , I didn’t think that I would be comfortable with myself again. It was a transition (moving from Texas), and I fell into a big depression. I am thankful that I am still here, kicking.” -Madison Massiatte, 10th grade

“I am thankful for my girlfriend Presleigh, and fast cars.” -Jaiden Gonzales, 10th grade

“I am thankful for my girlfriend, Liberty Ellis. She has always been here for me, even when we weren’t together. She is my best friend and she always makes me feel at home. I can’t imagine not being with her and I can’t imagine life without her. She is so talented, beautiful, smart, funny, and such a strong young women. I am also thankful for the rapper NF. His music has helped me through so many hard times before I had my girlfriend and even still to this day. His music inspires me and puts me in a good mood. I am so thankful that he decided to open himself up and make music, because without it I am not sure where I would be.” -Cameron Canfield, 12th grade

“I am thankful that the people who I surround myself with have not pressured me into reprehending my true self to match my identity, political, or religious status with a generic form of such categories that are often, ironically, minorities which are misrepresented of such groups.” -Aidan Jennings-Quattropani, 7th grade

“I am thankful for the opportunity to wake up every day and be able to do whatever I decide and have the opportunity to live in a country that of course has its flaws but allows us to be able to make decisions that shape ourselves into the person we desire to be, which are limitless opportunities in careers, partners of interest, and appearance. There are so many things that this country offers us that every other country in the world does not allow, especially for women. I feel so lucky to have been born and be growing up in an environment where I get to decide where I go, what I want, and how I will get there. I feel like most of us take living in this country for granted and complain about how messed up it is, however, we have so much free-will here and we are able to do pretty much whatever we want, how we want, and I am so grateful for that because it helps me grow as a person.” –Kaitlyn Casias, 11th grade

“I am thankful for my friends.”  -Harmonee Lisa, 9th grade

“I’m very thankful for Schnauzers. Without Schnauzers, this world would be a black hole of sorrows and no joy. Also, the green chili sauce at Twisters is a gift given from God. I am also thankful for my sister, who is the craziest person in the whole world (good luck figuring out which one I mean). I am thankful for the few days that the Internet actually works at this school. I am also thankful for EJ at Wendy’s for being such a nice cashier and not judging me for being there four days in a row. And of course, I am thankful for the teachers here. Not all of them, but most of them. Also Kahoots. A day without a Kahoot is like a day without happiness, which is most of my days, unfortunately.”  -Rylee Felzien, 12th grade

“I am thankful for my bed and my glass of water so that I never have to leave my room.” -Aedan Moores, 11th grade

“I’m thankful that the issues with my mom and stepdad are improving, and that they are finally being friendly to each other and my younger siblings are not in the middle anymore. I am thankful that my dad finally has a job, despite his background being checked. It may not be a high paying job, but he has a job to keep him occupied now!  I’m actually thankful for being  at ASK and not at RRHS, considering I wasn’t focused, but now I’m on track and so close to graduating.”  -Gabrielle Kasero, 12th grade

“I am thankful for my job, because now I can actually get my family the things they deserve.” -Nicholas Montano, 10th grade

I am thankful for the God that I serve. He has provided everything for me. Food, water, shelter, family, etc. I am also thankful for my parents, even though we have our disputes, we always get along. I am thankful for The ASK Academy. I love my new school and all of my friends. I am thankful for my best friend Spencer Sutton. He always is generous and nice. He tells me all sorts of stories and doesn’t discriminate me for my different race. Lastly, I am thankful that you asked this question because I went deep down into myself for my answers!”  -Thaddius Kearney, 6th grade

“I’m quite thankful that humanity hasn’t been obliterated by some immense cosmic force outside of our control and understanding. That would be like building a sandcastle on the beach and then having the beach kick over the castle on it’s own.” -James Madsen, 12th grade

“I am thankful that my parents adopted me.” –Angelo Speaker, 11th grade

“I am thankful for Ryan Medina and Gabi Orr, my gay dads. I am thankful for Mikey Allen, my stepfather. And lastly, I am thankful for Ben Bock and Maddy Snyder, my biological parents.” -Tiger Gutierrez, 10th grade

This week, National Honor Society is hosting a free event called the Thankful Nest. During lunch, scholars can fill out an egg and address it to anyone at the Academy. Eggs will be delivered on Monday during Career Pathways and Fundamental Connections.

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