Poll: Scholars Want Diverse Electives

October 17, 2017


By Taylor Kirk

The Ask Academy is a STEM school, so scholars expect to see classes like Biomed and Engineering on their schedule, but many want to see more diverse elective offered. When a survey was sent out by The Catalyst to scholars at ASK,  over 92 scholars responded. Of that number,  94% of students would like to see more electives at ASK. “I think it would give scholars a more ‘highschooly’ feel if we had a common high school elective,” said freshman Taylor Katt.

While many students enjoy the STEM classes they want something creative or athletic so that they can have a break from all of the normal classes or explore an interest.

42% of ASK students  would enjoy having some sort of athletic elective other than PE.

“I want athletic related electives because P.E. is not very athletic and all we do is jump rope or run and that’s not very fun,” said freshman Joey Gallegos.

One option for an athletic elective or activity is dance, which  seventh grader Alison Barricklow would love to see at ASK. “I want to have dance as an elective, because it gives you a way to express yourself. It helps with control, flexibility, timing, teamwork, and so many other things.” said Barricklow.

Scholars at ASK want another option for a language elective because some scholars already know Spanish, or wish to learn a language other than Spanish.

“Languages are useful to know: they look good on job and college applications, and they expand your understanding of the world,” said freshman Margo Peterson.


Photo by Taylor Kirk — The Publishing course is one of the few Humanties electives offered at The ASK Academy.

“Spanish isn’t the only language so why is it the only one we teach,” said eighth grader Annalyssa Shainin.

Another common elective many public schools have that has many rewards is a music class. Music is known to have many benefits such as boosting academic skills and memory.

“I really enjoy music and would like to learn more about it so I may possibly write my own song someday or learn how to play an instrument,” said seventh grader Andrew Smith.

A music elective might be good for ASK enrollment.  “I’m not personally interested in music but I feel like it would attract a more diverse crowd and maybe raise money for the school.” said eighth grader Andrew Erickson.

A great deal of people at this school are artistic and are very interested in art, which can help with fine motor skills and problem solving abilities and is a common stress reliever.

“Art is the career I want to go into and I also really enjoy making art whether it’s drawing or making a sculpture,” said  Isabelle McNiel.

Since art and drawing is used in many different career fields, such as engineering, english, and science, an art class would be beneficial to all scholars. 

Another elective that many scholars want to have is a  home economics elective, because many believe that it is important for when you graduate to know basic cooking and sewing skills.

“It teaches you how to take care of yourself.” said Faith Salazar, a seventh grader.

While these electives may be on scholars’ wish lists, Assistant General Manager Dan Barbour said these courses comes with added fees and hoops the school would have to jump through. “With home ec and food you have to deal with the Department of Health, and you have facilities, you have kitchens,  it’s very expensive,” he said.

For now, Barbour offered a solution for scholars who want to be exposed to more courses. “We are partnering with the Boys and Girls Club across the way  — they’re starting to offer some art and some band,” he said.



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