Executive Words: Socializing Gets Sweeter

October 16, 2017


This year, executives from Scholar Government will be writing a monthly column forThe Catalyst, in order to keep the scholars at ASK informed about what happens during weekly government meetings. These opinions are the views of SG  and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Catalyst. Comments and suggestions are encouraged. 

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Hello, ASK Academy Scholars, my name is Matthew Gardiner and I am the Vice President of Scholar Government. In the last Executive Words, you heard from the school’s President, Ryan Medina. Ryan talked about Scholar Government’s role in the Academy and our latest activity – Game Night – which has been a big hit at the school for the past few years. Today I will address you on the upcoming Scholar Government hosted activity, Sweet Talk.

Sweet Talk will be a chance for scholars to chat and meet in a relaxed and festive environment. For only $5 at the door, scholars will receive four tickets that can be redeemed during Sweet Talk for hot chocolate, candy, or other snacks. Along with enjoying snacks while chatting, scholars can also compete in a cake walk and an art contest for a prize. 

Sweet Talk is open to all high school scholars.

Our goal  is for scholars to meet and get to know each other in an environment other than a classroom. It will be held in the commons this Friday night from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. If you have any questions about Sweet Talk or what Scholar Government does, contact us at askgov@theaskacademy.org. Hope to see you Friday evening!

Matthew Gardiner

 Scholar Government Vice President


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