Opinion: ID Theft Isn’t Just a Latino Crime

October 9, 2017


By Noelle Hoenig

As a person who considers themselves unaffiliated from political parties (as I am unable to vote for the next one and a half years), I find myself asking after reading this article: Did I really just have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, aka DACA, explained to me?

The author of the piece, Austin Wolfe, was reasonable to attempt to be understanding of the other side of the DACA argument but the tone of the article was utterly demeaning and condescending. It was written as if the audience is unable to bring up articles from any major news source to learn about the topic. As one with an online presence, I can confidently say that on September 5th, 2017 when President Trump and his administration formally announced the end to DACA, I was notified and later informed of the incident by the firestorm of articles that flooded onto my Facebook feed that day.

Aside from that, Wolfe’s accusation that, “Latinos, here illegally, are stealing someone’s identity to work, committing a crime, and go unpunished,” implies that only Latinx immigrants commit the crime of stealing a person’s identity to work in the United States and that they are the only ethnic doing this. There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants that reside and or work in the United States from all around the world.  According to this source, in 2012 there were approximately 600,000 illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. from Europe and Canada which, as calculated, is 5.3% of the estimated 11 million total immigrants. Personally speaking, I do not recall Wolfe referencing them as those who steal identities. While they do make up the majority of illegal immigrants in the US, the gross generalization of Latinx people being the only ones to steal identities is wrong.

In conclusion, the blatant accusation of Latinx people is highly inappropriate along with being inaccurate, and Wolfe should keep in mind that the patronization of an audience is unnecessary.

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2 Comments on “Opinion: ID Theft Isn’t Just a Latino Crime”

  1. Austin Wolfe Says:

    The entire article is based upon a false claim that I said only Latinos commit Identity theft. I simply said some Latinos do to land jobs in American businesses. The entire article is based on something I never said. I simply stated that there are illegal immigrants (Who are at least 90% from Central or South America meaning they are likely Latino) that commit identity theft. The very argument you make is unnecessary and paints me as someone who hates immigrants. I frankly find it “highly inappropriate along with being inaccurate”. I would advise you not to jump to conclusions about something you find offensive and read my work more carefully before wasting the time and effort into writing a whole piece on something I never stated nor implied.

    To be honest, if the only thing you can argue is a misinterpretation of a single statement, then perhaps I did my job in making my case. If I didn’t, feel free to debate the actual data-points and REAL claims I make that I explicitly state, and I am more than happy to defend them.


    • nhoenig Says:

      I feel it necessary to point out that in your article you did not say “only Latinos commit identity theft” but claiming that you wrote “some Latinos” is incorrect as well. Along with that, yes, the entire response is based on something you did NOT say. Your writing of, “Latinos, here illegally, are stealing someone’s identity to work” is easy to misinterpret as implying that only Latinx people are the ones to commit these crimes. Political opinions aside, I feel you should be cautious of your word choice because that implication alone could insult Latinx people who were born in the United States legally or were naturalized legally.

      I find it difficult to believe that 90% of identity theft is committed by Latinx people, are you completely disregarding people that immigrate from countries other than those in Central and South America? If you have a source to back that claim I would most certainly be interested in reading it.

      Given that I wrote my response of my own free will during a time I deemed appropriate, I would advise you to not assume I am wasting time that you have no control of. Yes, I did make this response based on what was misinterpreted, whether you choose to believe it is because I am jumping to conclusions or because I have an interest in improving your writing is an issue I will leave you to interpret.


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