Fundraising for Disneyland Underway

October 9, 2017

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Senior Trip

Ms. Shimada, back, with seniors (left to right) Sydney Berzi, Zoe Lum and Matthew Fay during Career Pathways. Lum is in charge of organizing the fundraising that will go toward a possible senior trip to Disneyland in May.

By Haely Katt

The elusive ASK Academy Senior Trip is getting some much needed attention this semester. Planning is already underway to take seniors to Disneyland. In previous classes, tedious planning left most seniors without a trip. This year, the class of 2018 hopes to break this relentless cycle.

The trip is in many ways the last chance for the seniors on campus to be together. The trip will be sometime after senior finals and before graduation. Senior Zoe Lum said, “It is the last time we are going to see anybody. The last time we will be with all our friends. It the last fun thing.” Lum has been placed in charge of organizing and fundraising for the trip. She believes that the trip this year will differ from years past because she intends to make the planning for the trip a more unified effort, “I am hoping to get it passed around a little bit to everybody,” she said. She also believes that with the help of fundraising more of the senior class will be able to go.

Naydne Shimada, a sponsor for the Senior Trip, agrees that there needs to be an emphasis on fundraising. She discussed that the major downfall of Senior Trips has been cost. “Every time I have planned it, it has just been the cost. It is expensive. It looks like it will be about $1,000 per person. Airfare, hotel expenses, tickets for the park and transportation adds up quickly,” she said. Since seniors are vulnerable to extra expenses (college applications, AP exams, graduation fees, etc.), there tends to be a lack of interest in putting additional money into a Senior Trip.

Nonetheless, plans are being made to have a successful trip. Shimada elaborated, “We were looking at the Disney Physics in Motion program. Most likely it will be at the California Adventure Park.” The program has a short educational class at the beginning of the day but also gives the scholars a Hopper Pass to Disneyland and California Adventure Park. “I was going to piggy back that with grad night. For grad night in Southern California, they close the park at about 8 p.m., clear out the visitors and the kids get there at about 9:30 p.m., and the park is open until 5 a.m.,” Shimada added.

With fundraising plans underway, the groundwork is in place for the senior trip to be a success. The trip’s success will be determined by the wanting and willingness of the senior class. Shimada gave some advice to rising seniors saying, “Plan ahead. Start raising money even if you don’t have a destination right now.”

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