Cable One Updates Cause Campus-Wide Internet Delays

October 5, 2017




Photo by Trinity Madrid — Cable One employers worked on restoring the neighborhood Internet connection this morning around 10 a.m.


By Ryan Medina, Trinity Madrid and Max Zink

As of late, The ASK Academy has been plagued by Internet failure, and with grades and projects due by the end of the week, it could not have come at a worse time. While
helping a Tyrannosaurus Rex leap over cacti and other dinosaurs is fun, it is hardly productive. Complaints could be heard up and down the hallways about the inability to complete assignments.

This morning, in an attempt to learn more about the Internet issues, The Catalyst  approached two Cable One employees who were working on some cable lines located across the street from the campus.

One employee, whose first name is Josh, said that fixing Internet issues is not as simple as it seems. “A lot of people think it’s just flipping a switch, but it’s not,” he said. “There’s a lot of cooks in the kitchen.”

Josh and his partner, Joseph, said that everyone from engineers to fiber splicers are necessary to ensure the Internet is reliable. Supplying the Academy with Internet is much more difficult than one would assume; a single fiber, made of glass, can be used to send multiple wavelengths.


Photo by Trinity Madrid — a fiber case, where fibers are stored and kept safe from the elements.

Today the Internet needed to be shut off while the crew was working on updates, a temporary inconvenience that will ultimately lead to quicker upload and download times, and improve radio frequency, he said. The neighborhood surrounding the school is the first of many that Cable One seeks to update.

They assured Catalyst reporters that they are working hard to get the Internet up and running as quickly as possible for their customers. “We’re not like the phone company,” Joseph joked, saying that Cable One wants its customers to have the best Internet possible.

That being said, Cable One must prioritize the safety of their employees. Joseph said the Academy should have access to Internet by tomorrow or Friday, depending on the weather.  Lightening can endanger workers in the bucket truck, the tall metal arm that lifts workers to telephone poles and the like, and rain can fry electronics, resulting in more necessary repairs.

Unfortunately, there is not much that one can do when faced with Internet troubles. Calling Cable One will lead to Customer Service, which will tell customers to try some troubleshooting, Josh said.

For now, scholars and managers will have to wait patiently for Cable One employees to finish their updates and get the Internet back up.

A project manager at Cable One listed possible reasons for the initial Internet failure:

  • Somebody hitting the fiber
  • A power supply that runs the node going down
  • Somebody feeding power to the leg that feeds the school
  • A piece of cable “going bad.”
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