Event Calendar Keeps ASK Community In The Loop

September 27, 2017

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A school-wide events calendar can be downloaded onto scholar devices.

By Madeline Peterson

With all of the events that go on at The Academy, it can be difficult for scholars, staff, and parents to keep up.

An ASK Academy calendar has been created that keeps scholars updated on testing days, vacation, graduation, and other school-wide events.  The calendar can be found at http://www.theaskacademy.org/Calendar, and can be accessed by clicking the iCal button in the top right corner of the calendar. This should automatically download the calendar to the laptop the scholar is using.

Scholars can also sign up for the monthly newsletter updating them on the events by clicking the subscribe button in the top left corner of the calendar.

“The calendar is updated automatically every month — when the newsletter is sent out, it also gets sent to the company that makes the calendar, ASK’s STEM partners, and most New Mexico colleges like UNM,” said Mr. Stephenson, who created the monthly calendar. He said that more school-wide events are put on the calendar, rather than club activities and dances. Things such as   graduation rehearsal and graduation, prom, and the soccer and dodgeball tournaments are added later in the year due to the fact that they are either held in off-campus locations, like Rio Rancho High School or the Boys and Girls Club, or are held on Fridays.

The calendar also shows the required Fridays that all scholars will have to attend this year. Along with this, the calendar shows when vacation, testing, Learning Walks, the ASK potluck (often held before Thanksgiving break) and the middle/high school jumpstart days are.

Stephenson encourages all scholars to download and follow the calendar, which can help them be prepared for tests, stay on top of events, and count down the days until vacation.


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