Crowd Geeks Out Over Trivia Fundraiser

August 26, 2017


By Amber Romero

Last Thursday, scholars stayed after school to participate in a Geeks who Drink Mocktails competition. Geeks who Drink is a popular adult trivia game; ASK  scholars designed their own version without the alcohol, as a fundrasier for Model UN.

There were teams of up to six people that worked together to answer questions about engineering, biomed, modern and classic movies, books, songs, TV shows, and random trivia. Teams chose their own names, such as Cereal Killers or Starks of Winterfell.

The game consisted of eight rounds, with eight questions each round. An example of a question was “What is the name of the guy who’s chasing them?” Followed by a video clip from The Breakfast Club. Another example is “Which Harry Potter book is the longest?” The questions ranged from easy to difficult depending on the team’s knowledge of the topic.

Event emcee Jadah Stansfield would announce a question, and each team would discuss the answer and write it down on a sheet of paper. At the end of each round, members of Model UN came around and tallied up each team’s correct points. Before they moved onto the next round they announced the winner of the previous round.

The winner of the overall competition was Starks of Winterfell, with team members Taylor Lum, Zoe Lum, Sydney Berzi, Trinity Madrid, Tre Crespin, and Matthew Fay.

Scholars from every grade participated in the trivia. “My friends and I loved it and loved the drinks,” said Kaleiah Gonzalez, an 8th grader at ASK.

Model UN members sold  three different mocktails – strawberry margaritas, raspberry limeade, and Shirley Temples. The mocktails ranged from $2-3 depending on the mocktail. The club also sold chips, pretzels, popcorn, cookies, and cupcakes. Katie Radar, the secretary of Model UN, said the event raised about $250, which will help the club get to various competitions around the state this year.

Model UN plans on continuing Geeks who Drink Mocktails every month.  Radar said, “I think it went pretty well,” but they plan to make improvements. At the next Geeks who Drink Mocktails they want to try to move away from pencil and paper because it went slower than planned because of the large crowd. They’re also going to switch up the types of  mocktails they make. Eventually they want to incorporate other people’s trivia questions and drink ideas to involve the entire population of ASK.

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