ASK Men’s Basketball Team in Early Stages

May 24, 2017

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By Michael Crespin

After Matthew Gardiner was elected vice president of Scholar Government, there were rumors that there would be a sports program added to ASK. ASK has formed a boys high school team with 13 members ready to start in the Fall 2017. The list was provided by Easton Langdon, who will be a senior next year and helped get the team off the ground.

The basketball team will be playing against other charter school leagues over the winter of the 2017-2018 school year. “ It is a great opportunity for our school name to be spread — more so than just with academics. It gives scholars an opportunity to better themselves physically, as well. It is also a great way to grow as scholars, and implement more teamwork into our school,” said Landon.

There are no plans to begin other sports teams on campus. “The only ASK sports team planned for next year is the Boy’s High School basketball team,” said Paul Stephenson. “This is the only team for which adult coaches volunteered. No volleyball or girls basketball or MS sports are being planned.”

The high school basketball team was completely scholar generated and was brought to the attention of Stephenson to sponsor. Stephenson said there is no budget for a basketball team at the moment, which means scholars will have to fund raise if they want any money to go toward coaching, uniforms, fees, etc.Basketball Team

For more information, contact Paul stephenson at


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One Comment on “ASK Men’s Basketball Team in Early Stages”

  1. SebbysMama Says:

    Thats Awesome! I will support your fundraising efforts! I am all for sports at the ASK Academy.


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