Families of Graduates Proud to See Scholars Walk

May 19, 2017


Video by Ashana Gonzalez — Scholars walking during procession while Zane Kelly-Carmichael plays the Star Wars theme song.

Video by Ashana Gonzalez — Graduated scholars throwing their caps in the air.

By Noelle Hoenig

Last night’s ASK graduation was an hour and a half of varying emotion. Throughout the night there was laughter, tears, and euphoria when all was done and the 39 scholars of the Class of 2017 were finally graduated.

The families were emotional; whether it be present in visible tears or gleaming smiles, the overall feeling of proud was undeniable. Some family members were more subtle than others. Senior John Dansro’s stepfather simply said, “Yes finally, it’s about time. I’m proud of him; his mother’s very relieved.”

Senior Aspen Poole’s family were ecstatic, with mother Pepper saying she was, “Super excited for her to graduate and start a new chapter in her life.” Poole’s younger brother Josh, a sophomore at ASK took photos of the event. “I wanted to capture the moment for her and I was just actually really really proud of her since she got here through all the hard work,” he said.

Jacob and Julian Rodriguez’ family’s joy was evident throughout the ceremony, and afterward their mother Monica Mendez said she was proud to have her sons graduate from ASK. “I think this school has done a wonderful job. From the time they started in 9th grade, they wanted to quit and we didn’t let them. They kept going and then by the time they got to junior year they were like ‘Mom, this is pretty easy, we got this’. They started loving it and here we are today: They are graduating and they are excited and it’s a really good school.”

Graduate  Zachary Gaspar said it was hard to describe the moment. “(I feel) a little bit overwhelmed because there was a lot more people than I expected but it was an awesome ceremony and I started crying when Stephenson started singing. It was very emotional, my friends mean a lot to me and I am happy to see them succeeding.”

Kanyon Baker remained hopeful that he will continue the friendships he made in high school after graduation. “I wish the Class of 2017 the best in whatever they do and I hope to see them in the future and recognize them and become friends with them again.”

Below are photos taken by Noelle Hoenig and Edward Holling.



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