Work Ethic Pays off for Second in Class

May 11, 2017




Suzanne Clayton, far right, eats lunch with her friends. She said she has wanted to be salutatorian since her freshman year.


By Jenifer Guzman

The final grades are in and calculations complete. Suzanne Clayton is ASK Academy’s Class of 2017 Salutatorian, meaning she received the second highest GPA in her class. The Catalyst asked her about this prestigious honor.


In your own words, what exactly does salutatorian mean?

Salutatorian means I am one of the best at the school and that hard work really pays off.

How did you feel when you were chosen as salutatorian?

I was overjoyed when I learned I was salutatorian; it is a great honor.

What did people say when you told them?

Everyone was so proud and happy that I was salutatorian, but all would ask why I was not valedictorian.

What expectations did you reach to achieve this goal?

I lost the salutatorian title sophomore year after Carson moved in. After that I began working even harder to regain my title.

How long have you wanted this?

I have wanted this title since I learned it was a thing freshman year.

Do you think that with hard work and dedication anyone can achieve the titles of salutatorian or valedictorian.

I am not the smartest of the top 5 scholars in our class, but I have one of the best work ethics. Which is why I was able to achieve salutatorian, which means anyone who puts the time and effort in can be salutatorian or valedictorian.

Describe the hardest part of your journey to get here.

The hardest part of the journey was finding the motivation to do work when I did not want to, and choosing to do an essay/assignment instead of watching Netflix.

Who was the first person you told when you found out you were salutatorian?

The first person I told when I found out was my dad’s cousin and a bunch of little kids because we were all in the car together heading to the library.


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