Last Words from our Seniors: Nothing like High School Musical

May 10, 2017


As we say goodbye to the Class of 2017, The Catalyst reached out to some of the graduates, asking them to share their stories and give advice to new and returning scholars. Sofia Lamberto reminds scholars to not blow off the first two years of high school.

Read Elijah Ortiz y Pino’s here.

Looking back on the last four years I can’t help but wish I pushed myself more, especially my freshmen and sophomore years. I had mostly B’s in 9th grade, I did the bare minimum because I didn’t realize how much of a difference it would make in my senior year. College seemed far off and insignificant so I did not think to push myself toward an A for the sake of my GPA. I would advise underclassmen to take all four years of high school seriously because once it’s over you can’t go back and try harder. Take a few AP classes, join Honor Society, and try your best because you will wish you had later. Make it a little easier on your future self and push yourself now. What have you got to lose?

High school was not the way I thought it would be. I watched High School Musical growing up and expected four years of comradery, school spirit, and fun. In reality though, high school is kind of crappy. Deadlines stress you out, people and teachers stress you out, and it can get pretty dull seeing the same people and wearing the same clothes every day. There will be weeks that drag on, days that use all your energy, and frustration that makes you impossible to be around. It helps knowing it’s only temporary and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Of course, high school isn’t all bad, you make good friends and learn more about who you are and where you want your life to go, but I would like to think that life only gets better from here.

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    […] Read Sofia Lamberto’s here. […]

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