19 Tips from 8th Graders

May 4, 2017



Compiled by Naudia Lane

The Catalyst reached out to Ms. Potter’s 8th grade humanities class for tips on surviving middle school.

Below is what they came up with:

  1. Turn in homework!
  2. Always bring your supplies with you to class.
  3. Follow the dress code.

  4. Study for tests. If your teacher gives a review, make sure to use it and ask questions. Assessments are usually worth the most so make sure you find a good way to study.

  5. Stay focused, if you can get most of your assignments done in class you won’t have to worry about them after school. If you can’t finish in class make sure that you get rid of distractions ( phones, TV, books, etc) when doing homework.

  6. No matter on how bad you did on a homework assignment, turn it in, one zero could drop you quite a bit.

  7. Expect to be pushed harder here than any public school and expect more hands-on learning

  8. If you have a question, ask it. Don’t be shy to ask any questions feel confident to raise your hand and to answer or ask a question.

  9. ALWAYS check your email or your google classroom, your teacher will always have your homework there or have something to help you with your work! If you don’t know how to work your email or google classroom ask a teacher or scholar for help.

  10. You will be using your email and google classroom for tests and to turn in your assignments.

  11. If you have NC or need help on assignments come in on FRIDAYS for help!! DO NOT LEAVE CAMPUS!! Fridays are to help your grades. Almost like giving you a second chance to make up your bad grades on assignments or tests.

  12. ALWAYS check your GRADES on PowerSchool. If you have an NC talk to your teacher and ask him\her to see what you can do to bring them up!!!

  13. Use a planner! I cannot count on one hand how many times I have missed an assignment because I didn’t write it down. So get a planner ASAP! Phones are not a good counter.

  14. Don’t buy hoodies or jackets that cover your ASK logo. You can plan on not buying hoodies before or during the school year. This school has a policy stating that you must show your ASK Academy logo. Wear it proudly.

  15. If the work that needs to be done can be submitted online, working from home is a great option. It relieves a lot of stress. You have a whole day to work at your own pace, take breaks whenever you need them, and set yourself rewards when you accomplish something.

  16. Find someone you can talk to about any problems you have. It can be a project manager, another staff member, or a fellow scholar. Having someone you feel comfortable with can help you if you feel overwhelmed with work. Project managers here tend to be very understanding and other scholars are usually willing to help out.

  17. Break down large assignments and projects into smaller pieces. Use an agenda or digital calendar to keep track of various parts of a project. This makes the project much easier to manage and complete. The final product will be far better if you plan the right amount of time to spend on each portion of the project. Also, don’t be afraid to spend time in the planning phase of a project. If you have a plan, actually doing the work will be much easier and will take less time.

  18. When new students come to ASK Academy, some get intimidated by STEM, the teachers, or even the other students. Don’t let the STEM get to you. Beneath all those cow hearts and Vex Robots, we’re just like you.

  19. Value the respect the project managers have for you. You’re going to hear this about a hundred more times. Here, the ASK Academy project managers (teachers) not only treat you with respect but because of the smaller classes, you get more one-on-one time with each of your managers, which can be a very important and helpful.

    Be yourself. If you want to pursue the fields of engineering, science, math, or biomedical studies, then we’re the school for you. It’s ok if this isn’t the school for you, too. The whole purpose of ASK is to help mold the next generations into becoming the generations that history will remember. Only want to go forward, never back. Always be honest with yourself, don’t make decisions just because it seems like it will make others happy. Think about what will make you happy if you came to The Ask Academy.

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