Getting Creative with Promposals

April 13, 2017




Senior Matt Heaton’s homemade promposal shirt for girlfriend Angelina Sanchez.


By Jessika Alvillar

Promposals can be seen at high schools around the country. Rather than asking someone to prom the traditional way, high school students are creating elaborate proposals, often in public or caught on social media.

Junior Charles Wehner said he attempted a promposal this weekend. He explained that it took a while to decide a way to ask his date, a scholar who goes to Cleveland High School, but finally decided to enlist the help of his sister. “Our plan was to do a candle thing, to spell out prom with a question mark on the driveway,” he said. He also had flowers ready for when she arrived at his house. Sadly, the weather made it difficult to light the candles, putting a wrench in his plan. Still, she said yes.

If you are looking for last minute ideas, The Catalyst has rounded up some funny promposals.

If the person you want to ask to prom enjoys pizza (and who doesn’t like pizza?), this should win you a prom date. Get a pizza and write on the inside of the box, “I know this is cheesy, but…” then have pizza makers spell out “Prom?” with pepperonis. 


Nobody wants to go to prom solo. This next promposal only requires a bunch of red solo cups and a posterboard. Write on the posterboard “Don’t let me go solo to prom.” Then write out prom in solo cups with a question mark at the end. Boom, prom date.

unnamed (1).jpg

Prom is sweet and so are donuts, so it makes sense to ask somebody to prom with donuts. All you have to do is get a dozen donuts and write on the inside of the box “Roses are red, donuts are the bomb, do me a favor, and come with me to…” Then ask the people at the donut shop to write out “prom” on four of the donuts.

unnamed (2).jpg

Who doesn’t like Starbucks? A  simple way to ask someone to prom is to go out on a Starbucks date with the person and make sure you order for them. When your date is not looking, tell the barista to write on their drink, “I like you a latte. Prom?”  Score.unnamed (3).jpg

If you want to choose a more traditional promposal, but still want to do it in public, grab a giant poster board and write out “Prom?” and decorate it however you wish. Get all your friends and their friends to stand around to create an audience. Then have someone film it. That way you can relive the moment your date said “yes” as many times as you want.

unnamed (4).jpg

Or, do what senior Matt Heaton did for his girlfriend Angie Sanchez. He donned a handmade T-Shirt and asked her to prom. “I think it’s awesome,” said Sanchez of his promposal.


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