Christmas Break Sends Scholars all Over the Map

December 15, 2016


Information compiled by Menolly Felzien

Information compiled by Menolly Felzien

By Menolly Felzien

Today marks the the last day before scholars of the ASK Academy are let loose to have some fun this  holiday season. This year, there are scholars who are going above and beyond in the quest to have an interesting two weeks.

“I’m driving out to Tombstone, Arizona the day after Christmas because my parents are going to have a small, western-themed wedding where my dad is going to be dressed as a gunslinger from the movie Tombstone and my mom is going be dressed as a Brothel girl,” said sophomore  Destinie Sandoval.

Some scholars are taking the opportunity to share their knowledge, or gaining some more. Sophomore Sarah Begley-Urra said, During winter break I will be teaching kids up at the Ski Basin up in Santa Fe. I teach kids  ages 3 through 12 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. I have been working up there since I was 14–this will be my third season. I work up there with my brothers Isaac and Max. I also have my grandpa and uncle who work up there. Last year, I had the opportunity to teach the owners’ kids; lucky for me they liked me, and I had the privilege to teach them again.”

Sophomore Scholar Elora Bruce-Evans is using the break to enroll in higher education. “I am going to study college level Math and Anatomy and Physiology. The math will most likely be college level Algebra 2. Am I excited about CNM? I would say yes and no. Yes, because I will get college credits and be prepared for college and the hard work that comes along with it. No, because I will be leaving the ASK Academy and my friends. Why did I decide to take course there? CNM West Campus is closer to my house, and because I did a dual enrollment in Ms.P’s I was in their system.”

Others are taking advantage of the break to travel with friends and family. “I’m going to New York City,” said senior Sofia Lamberto. “My family lives upstate, but my dad lives in the city and has a Moroccan-French Restaurant down there. We go to the Rockefeller Tree; I love that. We don’t really do the touristy stuff, other than that.”

Senior Samuel Wilmot will be going to Arizna with a youth group. “Toward the middle of Christmas break I’m going to Williams, Arizona with my church group, Young Life, for a weekend-long stay and to do a bunch of activities in the snow. I’ve never been before, but a lot of my friends have gone and they said it’s a blast.”


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