Op-ed: ‘ASK is Best Choice I Have Ever Made’

December 7, 2016


Sophomore Jessika Alvillar transferred to ASK at the end of the first quarter this year.  She reflects on how ASK has changed her life and made her look forward to coming to school. 

 Smaller, but open minded — that’s how I would summarize The ASK Academy. I came from Rio Rancho High School about two months ago and it has definitely been an enormous change. From the fact that it’s pet friendly to having much cleaner bathrooms, it’s completely different.

I was  blown away when I got here. I thought The ASK Academy would be a school filled with stuck up smart kids, and I didn’t think I would fit in at all. It took me awhile to get used to the changes and I think I still am getting used to it. The first major difference I noticed was receiving a computer. To me, this is a plus because I’m a very disorganized person, so in public school I would always lose my assignments. Now that I have all my assignments on my computer, I have the advantage of never losing track of my work again.

The second major change was being able to walk out without asking to leave — even though I still ask — it’s convenient to be able to just go to the bathroom if you need to. If you just walked out in a public school, you could either get written up or security would come and get you and take you to the office. Another difference between the ASK Academy and public schools is how close you and the teacher (or project manager) are. In public schools you go in, you do your work, and they yell at the class. You know teachers and they know you; they’re nicer here.

Of course, the dress code isn’t my favorite, but The ASK Academy makes up for it with the fact that we’re pet friendly. I brought in my lizard and there’s no way I could do that at a public school. The bathrooms here are way cleaner as well. At a public school every other toilet is clogged, so I’d usually go to the nurses and use that bathroom instead.

    This school is a lot smaller, which means that it’s easier to get around. It took me almost two weeks to figure out where my classes were in public school; it took me about two days here. Before I was accepted here, I had been out of school for three weeks and I was incredibly broken down, however, when I started here my mood started improving. Now I’ve never been this happy and it’s all because, I never thought I’d say, school.

   It’s weird to wake up in the morning and not dread it, because I know at the end of the day I’ll have loads of new memories and new laughs; I’ll be happy. At public school I was always so overwhelmed with work, they’d give us two assignments for homework in every class and I knew I wouldn’t get it done so I just didn’t do anything. This would cause me to be behind and eventually, I had to take summer school.  

This school hardly gives homework and managers often give us class time to complete the work — plus, I like that the class periods are longer.  When I do have homework, it hardly ever takes more than thirty minutes.  People from my old school keep asking how I like ASK and my response is always, “I love it,” — because I do. It’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made.  

Jessika Alvillar 



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