Nearly a Year Later, Settled Scholars Weigh-in on New Digs

November 30, 2016



Photo by: Destinie Sandoval

Photo by: Destinie Sandoval

By Menolly Felzien

In early 2016, the ASK Academy made a dramatic change that would impact the future of ASK’s culture: the scholars and staff  moved into a brand new facility. As it is nearing the end of 2016, we have spent almost a year in our new home, and have been quick to develop personal opinions on it.

Though the brand new sense of excitement has diminished, many scholars said the move has been a vast improvement. Eighth grader Benjamin Dilts said he enjoys the newfound amount of space. “We have more room, nicer rooms and just a better feeling campus and build,” he said.

Aaliyah Hall, freshmen scholar who is new to ASK, has a similar view about the new campus, “I love it,” she said. “I think it’s really nice, and it’s small so it’s easy to find your way around.” 

Senior Kanyon Baker pointed out that although the location might be inconvenient for some scholars, the benefits outweigh the commute. “It’s worth the drive and it’s really nice,” he said.

Other scholars are not as dismissive about the extended drive. Dilts, in particular,  is concerned on how this affects. “The new build is a lot further from my home; it was better for my family at the old campus and I could walk to and from. But now, it’s too far for me to walk in a timely manner, and there is not a good route along 528.”

The new location has other issues as well. There have been multiple problems with the air conditioning and heating systems on campus. Project manager Nadyne Shimada has been affected by this issue. “One thing I did like about the old facility was that each room had it’s own thermostat,” she said. “My office is freezing.”

ASK Alumni, Luke Strebe, who graduated last year and spent a few months in the new building said he missed the familiarity of the old building. “I absolutely hate the move to the new facility! There was so much freedom in the old building.”

Some scholars agree that his statement holds some truth. Once the staff and students were moved into the new building, rules were put in place in order to keep the Academy clean. Some included a temporary ban on gum, loss of off-campus lunches for all scholars  other than seniors, and no eating in hallways or classrooms. At first this caused a wave of annoyance across ASK’s scholars, but now, many can say they are used to it or don’t mind it. Scholars who came from other schools said ASK still allows for more freedom than other schools. “I think it’s fair, because, we can pretty much go anywhere we want; we don’t have to have hall passes, and we don’t have to have, like, bathroom passes.” 

The new campus took about a year to build, and cost the Academy several million dollars to construct. Whether it be love or hate, scholars opinions’ differ across the board. 


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