National Honor Society Hosts a War that Makes Cents

November 28, 2016


By Molly Arseneau

During the holiday season, the Academy holds many fundraising events to create a school-wide feeling of generosity and giving. One of these events is the Penny Wars, is hosted by National Honor Society.

The Penny Wars is a competitive fundraiser where scholars donate pennies to a jar  in their third period class. The rules are simple: you gain points with pennies and you lose points with any other coins or dollar bills. The winning class was given doughnuts. The money raised in the Penny Wars goes to Joy Junction, a homeless shelter in Albuquerque.

The idea for the Penny Wars was brought about by junior Zoe Lum. “I brought the idea of the Penny Wars up to National Honor Society last year. This was a fundraiser I had experienced at an old school that I knew lots of students enjoyed, it worked fairly similar to the event we put on,” Lum told The Catalyst.

Competition was evident campus-wide as scholars sabotaged other classes with silver coins and dollar bills after hearing who was currently in the lead at the end of each day.

The final results of the Penny Wars are as follows: in third place came Ms. Donlin’s class with 2,149 points, in second place was Mr. Stephenson’s class with 3,725, and the first place winner was Ms. Fulton’s class with 3,880 points.

Overall, the Academy raised $655.73, the most money ever raised through The Penny Wars at ASK. 


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